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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look, Ma! No Hands!

I don't know what's happening lately in my job...

I think it's that my boss is really starting to cut me loose to lawyer.

And I'm doing it.

I'm like... lawyering. For real. Clients call me with problems, and I fix them, or at least, I know the answers to give them. I can handle phone calls without my stomach flipping, and I can talk to opposing counsel rationally and like human beings (for the most part). I can deal with hysterical clients without becoming hysterical myself, and I anticipate what I'll need to do and run it by my boss before I do it. And usually, I'm right. The other day when I didn't anticipate doing something, my boss said, "See... there are still a couple things I can teach you..." But it was in a good way... like I'm a law-sponge, and I'm filling up.

Clients request that I sit in on their meetings... because they like me. Hell one of our really big ones sent me a cookie bouquet for my birthday and told me what a great guy I am, and how he could go to a firm with hundreds of lawyers and still not get the attention that he gets from my boss and me.

I can lose gracefully in court, and... I sort of know what's going on now. I'm no great legal mind, and I'm not by any means an AV rated lawyer yet...

But I'm starting to see how this shit works. And I'm starting to reach a certain comfort zone in telling people what's up, and what's going to happen. My new boss keeps telling me, "You da MAN!" And lately, I've been agreeing.

The last couple days, I've been Octopus Arms McGee, batting all sorts of balls out of the court, but I've known what I've been doing and I'm working towards resolutions.

I'm like... a lawyer.

It only took two years.

Let's see what the next two years bring...?


Blogger Rootietoot said...

YAY! There's nothing like a bit of competence to make one feel competent.

4:54 AM


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