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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm back. I guess.

Okay. I've been back for almost a week, but now I guess I can say, "I'm back."


Going to Jackson was WONDERFUL. The weather was sunny and dry. I did lots of hiking and Alpine Sliding, and photographing Elk and Bison at Yellowstone and tame Chipmunks at Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park...

I managed not to fall through the thin crust at West Thumb in Yellowstone, and I managed only to get mildly scalded by the anemone geyser by Old Faithful.

I took pictures with stuffed bears, drunkenly made out with chicks at the Million Dollar Cowboy (and then promptly accidentally threw them down/dropped them during a particularly impassioned set of drunken dancing around other less-than-wasted Cowboys) managed not to get my northern-City-Boy-hipster ass kicked by said Cowboys as I fell into them and their wives, was only once threatened with death (which is usually a pretty good track record for a weekend for me) signed a Ketubah, watched my beautiful Best Friend get married to an awesome guy...

Spent lots of money, ate lots of barbecue (and no Elk or other game meats! HA!) went white water rafting on the Snake River, took pictures humping the sculptures at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, drove the Teton Pass and got a huckleberry milkshake in Victor, Idaho, while seeing one of my friends from High School, and overall,

had a pretty kick-ass time.


Blogger Rick said...

The Victor Emporium! Spent a couple summer vacations in a cabin outside of Driggs.

Beautiful country, but, sadly, has now been discovered by the developers.


12:08 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Rick - my friend from High School actually LIVES in Driggs! That's where I spent the day hanging out with her... At her place just down from the intersection where the bank has a Buffalo on the roof and the drugstore has cowboy cut-outs in the Windows.

And of course I got a picture driving the potato truck in front of the drive-in movie theater.

3:58 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Yay for good times and memories. Post pictures?

6:09 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Pics will be up once they're processed. Maybe I'll hop to it tonight...

8:53 AM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Processed? like...film? Do they even do that anymore?

4:20 AM

Blogger Rick said...

I think they call it the Spud Drive-in or something. Yep, remember it well.

I liked that place and the great hiking that was available on that side of the Tetons. Like I said, I was bummed when I read it was changing.


6:23 PM


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