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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Fairs You Can Skip!

I should have gone with my gut and gone to the VIP opening of Pulse tonight; but I didn't.

Instead Liza and I hit Art Miami, Scope and Art Asia.

I spent most of my time wandering around Art Miami pointing out things that were there last year, and bemoaning things that weren't there this year. (Like the deer with fire coming out of its side - where was that? Or the Steve Buscemi video loop with him standing in front of a blue curtain next to a side of beef, with upbeat whistly music playing - where was that?)

There were some hot musclebears (woof.) in Scope, and there was a weird knitted exhibit, with a guy wearing a knitted suit, head to foot. He ironed... using an iron...covered in knitting. Also, I saw EAT from The Heat Lightning; I always like seeing Liz at Basel events, but whenever I'm at them, I'm totally distracted and... awkward.

And Art Asia... I don't appreciate Asian art. There. I said it.

Liza and I spent much of our time booking through exhibits, kissing cheeks, and remembering Basels past "Remember when we got Havaianas flip flops from that "The Station" exhibit where Sugarcane is now?" "Remember when Art Miami had that weird VIP area in the center that was two-stories, and was all swaying and rickety?" "Remember how you told my dad that a piece of art he was looking at in Red Dot (SKIP THAT FAIR, ALWAYS) was crap?"

And then we went home.

Tomorrow: Vernissage Art Basel.

What impressed me tonight? The people watching. It ranks up there with Basel 2004.



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