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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Continuing Saga...

Remember detachable arms?

Well. I wrote that because my neck hurt. Guess what? It still does. Last night I spent thirty bucks on a heating pad, Ben Gay and some Tylenol. If it still hurts on Monday, I'm going to the doctor's office. I want some pills... Good ones. Not just lame-ass muscle relaxers.

Went to the Bar-Bri MPRE review today. Boring and worthless. Will write more when inspired. Right now I'm just drained, bored, and my fucking neck STILL hurts and the pain is now radiating down my back. Ooh! Maybe I have a herniated disc! :)

Thanks for the comments, glad to know people actually read what I write. And yes, Mike, sometimes when I write I'm stoned... but that was just the Fudgcicles entry... oh and the Pizza Commercial too.


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