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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two observations before I get back to my driving post (and if you think about it, aren't all my posts about driving?)

1) Whenever I watch Grey's Anatomy I get depressed. Not just because I got my ass DUMPED right after it, but also because I think they do a pretty good job about showing those moments of a relationship that are rarely seen on TV... those moments where there's just nothing to say to a person... so you hug them or put your head on their chest... Just like "Friends with Money" does an expert job of showing all those uncomfortable relationship moments... (As I watched, I realized... I HAD ALL OF THOSE MOMENTS DURING MY FAILED RELATIONSHIP.)

(I think I'm getting over it. Slightly bitter, but that's how I vanquish the love. I need to hate him for a few more days before we can go forward and be friends.)

2) Say what you will about Family Guy being a Simpsons knockoff...

but it's a show that really gets me. I'm privy to all of their inside jokes (Tonight's Adult-Swim repeated one, however, featured a bit too much early 80s television inside jokery for me... I was six or under, guys, things weren't registering. And I'm your target audience.) and it makes me feel special and appreciated. Like FINALLY there's intelligent television. If you can call Family Guy that... which I don't think you can.

Enough with the talking.


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