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Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh, yeah. Afterthought...

The Presidential Motorcade went by my office this morning. Big Effing Deal. As I counted 30+ motorcycle cops accompanying the president, I also thought about how, if I were a Sniper, and if I had known that the President was coming past my office building, it would have been really easy to shoot him. But I would never do that.

Still, wishful thinking...

As I stared at the hundreds of people accompanying him, I also thought, "I'm paying for this." Yay, Federal Taxes. I'm glad that the ginormous bite that gets taken out of my check every month goes to things like blowing up Iraqi civilians and paying some stupid, fat Miami Cop overtime pay to speed down a completely empty 836, and not towards Public Television or Stem Cell Research.

I guess my points are thus: 1) I thought Republicans wanted a small government; 2) I'm jaded...President Schmesident; 3) ...Well, in this day and age of Censorship and Secret Courts and Prisons, I think my thought #3 is illegal to pen; I don't want the Feds to get all Schenck v. New York on me... I'd hate to incite an evil that Congress has the right to prevent during "wartime..."


Blogger some guy said...

Yeah, Republicans want small government. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. They want it small so they can funnel money to their friends in Big Oil and no one will notice until it's too late. And then, the people who notice will be called traitors. And if they get their way, those people will probably tried by a military tribunal even though they've never been in the military.

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