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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hatin' Tuesdys

Today's Hatin' Tuesdys involves a Legal Treatise. There are many famous, old stodgy treatises. "Powell on Real Property," "Collier on Bankruptcy," "Moore's Federal Practice," "Chitty on Contracts," blah blah...

I hate the name "Chisum on Patents."

Know why? Because what does "Chisum" sound like?


And then I imagine a wall full of Chisum on Patents, dripping with spooge.

And it's gross.

So, that's why I hate Chisum on Patents. I'll never use it anyway (probably) because I don't do Patent law... but I hate the name nonetheless. I also hate Chitty, but that's because that name is reserved for movies about flying cars.


Blogger Hulles said...

Nice. What a nasty image. And the smell of Clorox, and the... Great. Now I'm going to have to take my brain out and run it through the dishwasher. Again.

1:59 PM

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