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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Piss off.

Those of you who read this blog (most of you) -- we're from the Internet generation. We grew up plugged in and connected. Hell, even those of you who aren't from my constantly-plugged in generation, maneuver the internet and other technology as intuitively, at least as well as people from my generation, sometimes better.

And I don't know about you but... I'm over it.

I never go on IM anymore, because I don't feel like typing conversations. I haven't checked my voicemail (anywhere) since 2007 (seriously) and I've gone almost a week without checking my personal e-mail.

I get my mail once a month.

It's... It's too much.

I don't want to be constantly reachable or contactable. I don't want to have to address problems or be expected to type on IM all the time.

I feel bombarded from all fronts.

It's like... I've worked 11 hours today. I don't want to type, I don't want to reply to e-mails. I just want to be left. alone. And I'll call you if I want to talk to someone.

(Of course, I'm cognizant that other people want to talk to me sometimes, and so, usually, I answer my phone. The only times I don't answer my phone is when I'm talking on it (I think call waiting is rude.) or when I'm with someone (talking on the phone when you're with company is rude.) because I know when I call people, I'm calling them (98% of the time) because I want them to answer -- because I want to talk to them.)

It's like... do you think that we'll burn out and say, "Fuck, it. I don't have to check my voicemail." Or am I just a lone luddite, who's stariting to say, "Nah." to all the electronic duties and obligations life has created?

It's weird -- it's weird that I feel guilty for not listening to you tell me you called (If it was important, you'd text -- isn't it funny how it used to be, "If it's SUPER important, they'll call on the cell," and now it's like, "If it's SUPER important, they'll text.) or not checking to see that you sent me online sales coupons...

It's weird. Go away. I love you.


Blogger Mike said...

I could not agree more. You've elucidated what I've been feeling for a few years now. When e-mail first came on the scene, I would spend hours crafting long, well thought out messages with real meaning for the recipients. Getting up the energy to write even a one-sentence reply now is difficult. I dread signing on to e-mail because I know it means work and drudgery.

I also have begun to dread my cell phone, although I have become better at not feeling obligated to answer, i.e. not in the middle of dinner.

Maybe we're just old, but I find myself envious of our lifestyles circa 1994, when the phone was only in the house, there was no e-mail, and you could go out without someone being able to reach you.

6:35 AM

Blogger Mike said...

By the way, I feel like commenting on your blog is also a drudgery - another unfortunate byproduct of our digital age. So.... thanks.

6:36 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

I'm sorry commenting on my blog is such a life-sucking chore. Nevertheless, you do not get a pass on that one. I figure that blog comments happen at work, so it's like "quasi-time," and it's not like you're doing anything better, right? Ph.D., Schmee-h.D.

I remember Alicia and I used to race home from high school and e-mail each other... now, if someone tells me that their dog died over e-mail, replying with "I'm sorry," is almost an insurmountable task.

If you'll excuse me, I need to shuffle on over to my fainting couch, and drape myself over it with the appropriate level of malaise and anemic ennui.

7:21 AM

Anonymous SomeCrankyGuy said...

Interesting. Are you sure this isn't just a phase you are going through?

I'm addicted to electronic socialization. At work, I invented MBIM. (Management By Instant Messenger). I process upwards to 200 emails a day. At home, I can't NOT check my email. My wife and I have access at home to four computers among both of us. Just the two of us.

And we were born in the 1950's.......

Yet......there is a part of me that once in awhile, resists this constant on-ness. Constantly being plugged into this world wide net....a part of me that wants to sit under a tree and watch the clouds......

Opps...got to go, getting a text message......


10:57 AM

Anonymous Squathole said...

.....now, if someone tells me that their dog died over e-mail, replying with "I'm sorry," is almost an insurmountable task.

My dog died over the weekend. My cat died over the bathtub drain. My grandfather died over a broken heart. But nothing and nobody I know of ever died over email. That's just 'way over dramatic.

Thanks for coming by this morning. I enjoyed that considerably.

1:32 PM

Blogger Ms Calabaza said...

Hey Superbee,
nice site...can't agree with you more except I prefer e-mail over the telephone. I can't come up with good lies anymore (hadn't check my e-mail, etc) since I got my iPhone because all my colleagues and clients know I check it all the time. So now I'm relegated to saying I left it in my car; lost it; dog ate it. . . you know the drill.

1:48 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

WOW! I feel so... validated! I get visits from SCG, Ms. Calabaza, AND Squathole!?

Shiiit. I need to get back to flaunting my neurosis. (I used to refuse to say the word "food" when I was little, because I didn't like the way it sounded, and once in second grade, when I refused to read the word, Ms. Petrell yelled at me. Discuss.)

SCG - No, it's not a phase. I've noticed that as I've begun working, this feeling has grown. It started with IM. Then it spread to my phone messages - I've been AWFUL at checking them since last summer. Now, it appears it's spread to e-mail. I even had my secretary record my voice-mail message at work, 1) because I'm chauvinistic and like her to answer, "Yes, Mr. Patterson," whenever I ask her to do something (my name's not Patterson.) and I like the idea of her recording my voice-mail, because she's my GATEKEEPER and 2) because I don't want to delude people into thinking that I'll ever actually CHECK voice-mail.

(I'm not really chauvinistic.)

Squathole - Thank you! I just discovered you this morning. I'll be back. Also: you made me laugh with that comment. That's no easy feat. I'm pretty stonefaced and stoic.

Ms. Calabaza - Well that'll learn ya for getting such a fancy phone! I think you should get rid of it. (AND GIVE IT TO ME!) so that you can go back to lying convincingly. Meanwhile, I'll be more than happy to tell people, "I simply didn't feel like listening to your message on my new, pre-owned iPhone." I won't feel one iota of guilt.

Once one of my clients got my cell phone number. And then... HORROR OF HORRORS, they CALLED IT! I didn't answer, though. I didn't want to set any "I'll answer my phone" precedent. You know how it goes. Next thing you know, I'll be wasted at Mokai or Zeke's, taking calls about partitioning real estate and bills of lading.. and lord only knows what kind of havoc I could wreak that way...

2:21 PM

Blogger Ms Calabaza said...

My iPhone is now in a box and I will mail to you tomorrow. Enjoy. By the way, the crackberry's battery is a helluva lot better and the automatic spell check on the iPhone is a royal pain in the ass.

Have a great weekend and get rid of the freakin' brocolli . . . Will ya?

4:30 PM


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