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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm about to leave to pick up the Ex-Boyfriend from the airport.

He's staying with me until Monday night.


If it's like last time, it'll be a whirlwind of "OMG! We're BACK TOGETHER AGAIN FOR THIS WEEKEND! THIS IS SO AWESOME!" and people will see us together and say, "Hey Superbee and ExBoyfriend!" like it's no big deal, and like it happens all the time.

And I'll be all glowy, except when I'm being passive and aggressive and bitchy to him because he's a raging alcoholic, and money will flow like vodka.

And then he'll go away, and even though I'll be fine, and it really won't outwardly (or inwardly) phase me, I'll find a reason not to go on a second date with all the guys I go on first dates with...

Or I'll do that thing where I turn a dateable scenario into something awkwardly platonic, because I have no interest and they do, and I keep playing oblivious...

And the world will keep on turning, and I'll keep getting a little bit older...

And then the Ex will come again next December...


Anonymous Adrienne said...

You already "no" how I feel about this! Call me when you're done with this emotionally retarded weekend.

1:36 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

You're an eedjit. I think I said that the last time.

2:47 PM

Blogger Jess said...

Um... call me. I hate you for this ignoramus behavior b/c it means I can't be there to support this behavior. Which I do. xo.

8:11 PM


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