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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I'mma blow you mahnd.

Have you ever been sitting (or laying) around your house, and you look around and realize, "Woah. Other people used to live here. And they used to live here at a time when stuff was like... noticeably different. Like... people have like... lived here... a long time ago. When Ed Sullivan was probably still on TV, and when the Beatles were actually... uh... creating albums.

When people like... had... black and white TVs. Dude. That's fucked up.

And then you look at the layout of your house, and realize that, based on the age of the building, it was not configured then as it is today.

Isn't that sort of crazy? To know that you're living on a slightly-skewed layer, obscuring the patterns of the people that lived there before that.... pattern.

Did I lose you?


But I was laying around, watching Flipping Out, and when they showed "Before" and "After" pictures, (and my RE-DONE shower was in one of the "Before" pictures, and then I was like like "Well, GREAT. Now I hate my Bathroom, because it's not COMPLETELY cutting Edge!") and it made me realize that, probably eight years ago, my lil' Pied a Terre was some old, dead geezer's place.

And then I was grateful he never touched a damn thing in my house except, maybe, a doorknob or a jalousie handle or a pane of glass.

And then I was just reflective, like, "Wow. People used to live here, and now they're dead. Like, almost all of them definitely are. And I live here now, and someday I'll be dead, and someone will STILL be living here. Unless it's underwater. But even then, probably so, like in Venice or some shit like that... Woah. That's weird."


Blogger Vanessa said...

Are you high?

9:01 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Are YOU high? Thanks for not coming to Rochester by the way. Jerk.

9:18 AM

Blogger some guy said...

This isn't exactly what you were talking about but I thought it would be kind of cool if you could organize a reunion of all the families who used to live in your place.

Actually I was thinking about my place, not yours. In Miami I lived in a house built in 1958 in an all-Cuban neighborhood. But what was the hood like 50 years ago? Probably very different. Wouldn't it be cool to get all those people together again? Anyway, I was thinking about that one time.

4:15 PM


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