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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fashion issue.

Can I level with you about a fashion issue? I'm going to be very candid.

This skinny jeans trend... it's awful. ESPECIALLY here in Miami. And ESPECIALLY when one... is a sweater.

The jeans are constricting and not comfortable... and there's the matter of one's... "junk."

Way back when, when one's junk could hang wild and free in a nice pair of boxer shorts in one's "going-out" jeans, the world was my oyster. Floppin' around inside my pants, all over town!

Not so anymore.

The skinny jeans trend means that one has to wear boxer-briefs or briefs with one's jeans, in order to fit into one's jeans... because boxer shorts will not sit right in skinny jeans.

The issue with the boxer briefs and/or briefs in said jeans is that not only do boxer briefs and briefs compress one's junk, but the jeans also compress it. It's like double-compression. It makes one very uncomfortable. Constricted and...

Itchy, really.

And it's the same whether one has shaven, or trimmed or not. Itchy, itchy, itchy. Really, there's no happy medium.

Also, I'm not going to lie to you... I have pretty awesome thighs. I've always had a good butt and good thighs. Genetic, really. HOWEVER, the problem with having well-shaped thighs, is that they don't fit in 30/30 skinny jeans, which are apparently manufactured for victims of Auschwitz. I hate to make a starvation joke, but it's f*ckin' true. As the jeans are not cut for someone with quadriceps, chafing is a MAJOR problem along the upper inseam.

The saddest part is that skinny jeans are only about two years into fashion, which means they'll be here for another three years, at least... and even after the skinny jeans trend is over, we're going to go back to the Jerry-Seinfeld leg, which is only slightly better.

I miss wide-leg, boot-cut going out jeans -- I almost miss sitting on my 'nads, by accident. At least that's a situation I could, for the most part control. Itching and chafing in skinny jeans is not.

And by the time boot-cut jeans come back in style, I hope to have hung up my "going out" jeans for good. Or at least re-named them my "bad-idea" jeans.


Blogger Mike said...

Normally I wear protection, but then I thought, "When am I gonna make it back to Haiti?"

11:01 PM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

here's a thought...don't wear them.

1:37 PM


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