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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I miss Real Life Basic. I miss Cafeteria. I miss the Pink Palm when it was in its bigger space. I miss Mosley's Linens, and the shady Health Store next to Zeke's. I'm going to miss the New World Symphony at the Lincoln Theater. I miss the Rayco Store on Biscayne Boulevard. I never shopped at any of those places (that's a lie - I miss you, Real. Life. Basic. and Cafeteria!) but I still miss them.

I miss when Miami Beach wasn't a gigantic outdoor mall.


I have to get the hell out of this place soon. This city went from being edgy and awesome and fun, when I first moved here, to being an across-the-board overpriced Tourist Trap, with only little pockets like Joe Allen and The Abbey and La Sanwicherie reminding me of the awesome little independent places that once dotted the beach. They didn't even have to be charming - remember The Chambers? That place was a hellhole.

Ugh. I'm over this city. Anyone wanna buy my place? I'll sell it to you for what I bought it for - 290K. It was a steal then, it's a steal now.

And anyone have any recommendations for anywhere that's like Miami Beach was in the late 90s? Cool, weird, affordable and gritty?

Seriously. I'm having a major "hate-on-Miami" month. Maybe I'll snap out of it. But I have started to do my D.C. Bar application. I need some sort of escape plan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should separate Miami from Miami Beach. I lived on South Beach for 8 years, got sick of the whole place turning into a way to get money from tourists. Loving life over on the Upper East Side now (aka MiMo district, aka 50th-80th streets on Biscayne).

We have such non-corporate establishments as Red Light, Kingdom, Harvey's by the Bay, Boteco, Yiya's bakery, Magnum, Green Market (although that seems to be getting corporate, same with the Soyka restaurants), Karma, Jimmy's Diner AND all of the Design District.

6:19 AM

Blogger pod_bs said...

We've got a 20 page monster of a thread on my site that relates to this. If you have an hour (haha...) check it out.

Click here...

7:24 AM

Blogger Miamiluxurycondos said...

Lately I feel the same way. I've been living here in South Beach for over 10 years and noticing it is really starting to change for the worse.

I still love the laid back lifestyle, riding my bike to work and not driving anywhere, but the commercialization of the beach is killing me.

The Fifth and Alton project with a TJ Maxx and Ross for Less, Britto art everywhere you look, Lincoln road turning into Aventura Mall and now I just saw they are putting a Walgreens in the old Specs Music space on 5th and Collins. WTF.

It is really too bad what is happening here, but I'm giving it another few years and hopefully things will change. I hope. If not, I'm moving to Europe somewhere.

4:28 PM

Anonymous Lauren said...

Cutie ptutie...weren't you in Wisco in the late nineties? xo, me p.s. can't wait for chelsea in our big outdoor mall of a town ;)

4:31 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Tybee Island- it's weird, affordable, and definitely gritty. Much smaller than Miami, right there next to Savannah, largish (for the low country) gay population...did I mention affordable?

5:57 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

Los Angleles is not affordable, but it's the beach and ME!!!!

1:54 PM


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