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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kirstie Alley commercials...

Kirstie Alley commercials are stressful. I'm not kidding. I just saw one, and I am now stressed. It's like she's YELLING at you, because you haven't called Jenny Craig yet, and, when you actually stop to think, "Well...maybe...I -- should call...Jenny...Cr.." "WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED YET!?!?" "Ahhhhhhh! Stop yelling at me!!!"

All I'm saying is, like... does that work? To yell at your customers to buy things? Now I'm imagining an old-tyme grocery store owner screaming "BUY HAM!" out on the street at pedestrians... and those pedestrians dutifully obeying and purchasing his ham. Because he screamed at them.

ha. ha. ha.

Alls I'm saying is, what director said "Okay. Even though Kirstie Alley's enthusiasm seems like she's yelling at the customers, that's the final cut. My commercial is finished."

That guy is dumb.


Blogger taj said...

Howdy from South Texas, Superbee! This is some funny bloggage you've got going here. Such a respite in an endless sea of dullards. Cheers from 'The Cork and Demon'!

7:16 AM


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