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Friday, April 22, 2005

Things I've done today to procrastinate:

1) Read washingtonpost.
2) Showered.
3) Checked PMBR status... I still need to call them and pay them 600 bucks...deadline's today.
4) Checked work earnings, and checking account balances. Both amounts drastically lower than expected. Panicked.
5) Began studying, made coffee.
6) Drank coffee ate toast.
7) Peed.
8) Studied Examples and Explanations for a bit. Got intimidated.
8) Decided I had to make a congratulatory cake for Chanel early in the day. Ran to Publix, called Stephen, helped Spencer shop for chicken parts. Bought Ghirardelli chocolate.
9) Made a cake. Cleaned up after flourless cake. Became disgruntled with stupid Kitchen Aid, because whisk attachment does not whip eggwhites on the bottom of the bowl. Stared at expensive machine in increasing disgust and annoyance with its inability to simplify my life or make baked goods better - everything from the machine has been a marginal disappointment up to now - perhaps I either have to lower my expectations, or become more accustomed to learning how to use the behemoth. Her name may change from Eleanor Pastry to Stupid Ethel the Counter Hog.
10) Sat down and began reading an outline.
11) Got fed-up with that outline, switched to another.
12) Checked email for the 15th time today.
13) Had compulsive need to run dishwasher.
14) Had compulsive need to remove cake from oven.
15) Had compulsive need to remove cake from springform pan, and detachable bottom.
16) Peed.
17) Sat down to read more outline. Got through 8 pages.
18) Adjusted thermostat.
19) Immed people.
20) Stressed over PMBR payment.
21) Drank more coffee.
22) Read blogs.
23) Posted my own.
24) Chastised myself, decided it was time to get back to hopelessly trying to learn Federal Income Tax.
25) Posted blog. Vowed not to blog any more today.


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