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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two Celebrities that Bug the Shit out of Me.

1) Andie MacDowell (Or McDowell) (Or whatever.)

Why is she famous?! Yes, she has pretty hair. Beyond that, she is the WORST actress, EVER. Ugh. Sooooooooooo annoying. Whenever she's in something I always wonder who quit at the very last minute, making the Directors understudy in Andie MacDowell for the part. With her stupid tinge of a Southern accent that she never even tries to get rid of in ANY of her roles, even if it's totally alien to her character, like, say, if she was playing a Salem Witch, or Queen Victoria. Southern accents are good. They are not, however, when they NEVER GO AWAY IN YOUR ACTING. Also, I hate Andie MacDowell because of her propensity to over/underact everything. Groundhog Day was probably the only movie wherein she was tolerable, and even there, not so much.

Ms. MacDowell, you're the worst.

2) Neil Young.

Neil Young is so ugly to me, that I can't even listen to his high-pitched singing, because knowing its coming out of his ugly, ugly face makes me nauseous. Also, that tenor in which he sings is like nails on a chalk board to me. Neil Young, I wish I didn't know what you looked like so I could enjoy "Horse With No Name." Although, Philadelphia is a pretty song. And sad. And I guess I can put up with knowing that you're that ugly for the song from Philadelphia. But other than that, please always wear a bag over your head, so no one ever has to see you singing the good songs that you sing, wherein you ruin them with your ugliness.

Hey, Frances McDormand? Where the hell have you been? I love you. C'mon back.


Blogger Mike said...

Frances McDormand was just nominated for an Oscar in North Country, a movie that no one I know has seen. As for worst actress nominee, my vote goes to Kirsten Dunst.

8:52 AM

Blogger MM said...

My worst actress nominee is for Jennifer Love Hewitt. She really irritates me. Plus she had the audacity to attempt to play Audrey Hepburn in a made for tv movie. The nerve!

1:11 PM

Blogger Meltin' Sara said...

Hello Dahling. I was just congratulating Franny McD (as she's known to friends) on her Oscar nomination. She was shopping for food at Balducci's near Lincoln Center. We had a moment. She is very modest and doesn't think she'll win. North Country is on my queue and there is a short wait so someone's watching it!

2:10 PM


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