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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Filling in.

I have to go cover a Family Court calendar call tomorrow morning in Broward County, for one of the attorneys that rents space in our office.

I don't know Family Court, and I don't like going up to Ft. Lauderdale. Not only is it far as hell, and trafficky, but the times I've been in the Ft. Lauderdale Court, despite one or two major victories for me, I've also had a few tongue lashings. Thanks, Judge...who remembers...oh, now I do, but I'm not going to write his name all over my blog and get in trouble with the Florida Bar for speaking ill of the venerated judiciary. (I guess Free Speech applies to everyone except Governmental Workers and Attorneys.) That's quite the decision the Supreme Court handed down today...(Kennedy, what were you THINKING!? You're supposed to be a GOOD GUY!)

So, another trial by fire tomorrow. I know the basics of the case, and it's ONLY a calendar call, but I'm told the attorney on the other side is a slimeball (again, what is it with going up to Ft. Lauderdale and standing/sitting across from assholes?!) and the Judge I'm in front of is a jerk.

But -- it's not my case, it's not my client. All I know is this: It's okay to set the trial in July. So that's what I'll aim for. Hopefully I won't get asked any specific questions about the case. That would be nice.


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