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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am a rude, impatient person.

I hate my stained glass class. I don't hate doing the work. I just hate the class. I hate how the Cuban helper guy is always calling me away from doing something to haltingly and unclearly tell me something that I've already figured out.

And I hate how my instructor is mean. And has B.O. And I hate how today she spent the last 20 minutes of class trying to sell us grinders. I hate how I've already spent four hundred bucks there, and like hell I'm going to buy a fucking grinder to the tune of two hundred more dollars.

Class ends at 9. Or, it's supposed to. After the sales pitch today that lasted until 9:20, I packed my shit and left. Midway through. While the middle aged married couple debated buying one AND KEPT ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT BUYING A GRINDER. I'm over it. I'm not that in love with this hobby that I have to buy a grinder. If need be, I'll go to UM and use one, or rent time there.

Ugh. I like sitting at home and doing the work. But I just want to be left alone when I'm there. Teach me, stop selling me shit, and let me do the work. You've already sucked four hunnit' bux out of me. ENOUGH.

I feel bad, but I'm over this. I want to learn how to do it and call it quits. And not go hang out with those ANNOYING PEOPLE anymore.


Blogger Rootietoot said...

maybe you could find one person who, for a fee or something, would teach you at your pace.A tutor, as it were. My aunt tutors people in stained glass work. Look for an artist, go to his/her studio, and ask.

7:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's too bad that you don't like the class. i think rootietoot's suggestion is great--if you can find someone. or, maybe you could just see if there are teachers where you go to know offer private classes? i have to tell you that you've inspired me to take a drawing class. i'm looking at 1 that starts by me in july. it's for 6 weeks. i think it will be fun! the only thing is that the class is for teens and adults (i'm 26, about to be 27). i hope the class has more adults in it. i'm thinking about doing the monday night class (7-8:30) instead of the saturday afternoon class. maybe less teens will attend on a monday night. or, maybe less will attend on sat. since it's earlier in the day...i don't know, i'm leaning more towards monday. when are your glass classes.

10:45 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Private tutoring sounds sorta pricey, but when I think about it, so is this arrangement where suddenly I'm being told I can't live without MY VERY OWN GRINDER! (Give me a break.)

But you're right, if I want to continue in this (jury's still out) I'll have to figure out some alternative way to do it. I'm just surprised that in a class as small as mine, I'm not getting the type of attention that I want. Probably because I'm also not dropping two Benjamins per class. And I DO like doing the work. I do NOT like smelling armpits and being huckstered into unneeded machinery.

I think the drawing class is a great idea. Because I'm not artistic AT ALL, so I shy away from pencilled things, but I can do glass and pottery and photography alright. :) I imagine the weeknight class would be less teen-intensive than the weekend class, but on the same lines, if it's on the weekend, the Teens aren't going to go anyway... because they'll have plans. Nonetheless, it's amazing how people sign up for these things and never go. Next week there are only going to be two of us in my glass class. We're going to learn soldering then. I hope Bernie helps Steven, because I won't be able to deal with him hovering and stepping on my toes and chattering nonsensically while I have a molten torch in my hand.

But back to the point -- I think you'll feel more comfortable with finding a more teen-centric time than an adult-centric time? I'm a 25-year-old lawyer in a room of 50-year-old doctors and nurses, and I feel 1) like a baby and 2) awkward, because they're like... old. And they ask dumb questions. It's like having that "old guy" in your college or law school class. I'm not saying everyone older than 50 is annoying. Just most of the ones I've run into in learning situations... They go at a different speed than the youn'uns, and the generational divide is really obvious around that age. Thank God my parents are hip, and savvy, or I don't know what I'd do...

11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the suggestions superbee. i actually called the art center and they said that monday night's class will likely have 15 teens and 5 adults. they expect the saturday class will have less adults. i'm gonna go for the monday class. they'll be teens there and at least i won't be the only "adult." i totally see where you're coming from though with the old people. i don't want anyone slowing me down in my class! ;) i'm not that much of an artist (pronounce it arteast), but i figure i'll try my handle at drawing, but i think i'm equally bad at any kind of art. i just feel like i should give it a shot. i mean, why not, right? p.s.- luv the blog!!!

12:22 PM


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