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Friday, May 05, 2006

That old saying...

What's that old saying about the quickest way to get over someone is to get...

Oh, well. I forget exactly how it goes...

::angelic smile::

Looks like this weekend has begun on a good foot. And the healing has begun in earnest.

I will say this, though -- when you're out with someone who's a firefighter, even when the conversation stalls... at least there's always a question to ask to pick it back up again.

This kills a few birds with one stone. I had wanted to rebound. I had wanted to click off another "Village Person" (this guy either fills the fireman role or the construction worker role, b/c he has his own construction company) on my list (Hi, Naval officer), and I had wanted to give back to my community... and if I can't support our troops...then I'll support our firemen!


Maybe I shouldn't share this much. And no, we didn't go all the way. But... lemme tell ya... if you ever have a chance to see a fireman naked...

Take it.

Okay. You should probably go pray now and take a shower... I've just dirtied you a little.


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