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Tuesday, May 02, 2006



I can't go out on the beach to do ANYTHING without running into one of Stephen's friends. Which is awkward.

Very awkward.

Last time, I just ran. I was too baked to talk to anyone, let alone make awkward conversation with some of Stephen's friends who I was convinced hated me... Carolina and I were going to see a movie, and one thing lead to another, and let's just say we were the only people guffawing at Friends with Money. But no matter... I ran.

Tonight my friend Nicole and I went to Rancho whatever, with the mediocre Mexican food off Lincoln Road. Who sits down at the table next to us? Stephen's friend Casey. Casey is a very, very pretty Wisconsinite who went to UW also. Tonight his skin looked absolutely amazing... like Christian Bale's in American Psycho. He's very nice, and I liked him a lot when I was with Stephen. He's just a great guy... at least from what I saw of him, he always was.

And it was very very awkward. We had an awkward hug... exchanged some awkward conversation, and finished dinner.

And then he left and didn't say goodbye. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that was sort of weird.

Maybe he didn't want to do the whole "see you around!" thing, maybe I was engrossed in conversation and missed him trying to catch my eye... Or maybe he was just being a rude asshole who didn't have to say goodbye to me, now that I'm not with his friend anymore. But I hope that's not the case.

Whatever. It just sucks, because I mean, I still talk to Stephen (even though I shouldn't, but I don't want to lose him forever).

But all of his friends are super fabulous. And I don't have super fabulous gay friends. And I don't know how to make any, because I don't get along with the gays. I used to be quick and witty, but I'm not that quick and witty anymore... because... I'm a boring lawyer.

Meh. And I also have no attention span.

Bottom line? It was awkward seeing Stephen's friends. If I move to the beach, I will see them all the time. I will also have to run into Stephen...I'm semi-hoping he gets his shit together and MOVES AWAY so I can move to the beach without having to run into him...

I try not to be akward. These are nice people that I admire and like...

too bad they're not my friends, and my link to them is broken...


Blogger Rootietoot said...

I think you think too much. As long as Stephen hasn't pulled the "You're either his friend or mine, but you can't be both" card, don't sweat it. Be happy to see them, say something about how it could potentially be awkward but you're glad we're all mature enough to keep that from being an obstacle, etc etc...

4:55 AM

Blogger Kara Alison said...

Oh, so us straight friends aren't enough for you? What happened to us touching stomaches a la Karen and Jack (you said I could be your "Just Jack"...guess that meant nothing to you!)? I like men, you like men...it works!

oh! Oh! I know....move to Atlanta!

11:48 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Not to offend either of you dainty Georgia Belles, but moving to Hot'lana is about the last thing on my list of things to do... just before moving to Dotham, Alabama, Escatawpa, Mississippi, Tangipahoa, Louisiana, and the rest of the charming South where I would get my Gay/Jewish ass lynched. (I even want to take a roadtrip to see Charming Pensacola and the rest of the Gulf Riviera, but I won't because I'm... scared. Of Southerners. I once knew a very nice guy from Mississippi, but Ben's fixation with hunting things...threw me. And then there's Nancy from Mobile, the only Korean girl that talked like Paula Deen...bless her heart...she doesn't scare me. She doesn't hunt...only eats lots of crustaceans.)

Is it bad that I think that most of the South (ironically to my North) is like Whistlestop, Alabama a la Fried Green Tomatoes? Where Big George and Sipsy respectively mop barbecue and shoo flies away from pecan pies, while everyone else sits around, sweating through their shirts and fanning themselves in Court, and "Declaring" things? And where Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary Louise Parker make out over jars of moonshine within hearing distance from the local Juke-Joint? (Jive?)

Yes. I think too much. ALL THE TIME.

Yes. I love all of you straight people in my life. But c'mon... all my gay friends are in other places, and it'd be nice to have some people to go to Twist with every now and then and watch the go-go dancers..go. And it's not the same when I go with girls... sheesh.

12:15 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Etlanna's full of gays...have you ever walked Peachtree Street after 9 pm? Some of those men make me look trollish.

Thing is, most everyone I know know's someone who's gay in town, and as long as that person isn't winking at anyone driving a pickup truck, no one really makes an issue of it. Tho holding hands whilst walking down the street is frowned upon. I don't think I'd want to live somewhere I couldn't hold hands with my favorite person.

really tho- Atlanta's pretty free-thinking...as long as you stay inside the perimeter.

1:54 PM

Blogger Kara Alison said...

Darling, you're going to think I'm so weird when I tell you this: All of those stereotypes you have are the reason I moved here. Two things: One, I had those stereotypes too and I wanted to investigate their validity myself (turns out I was very wrong about at least Atlanta and Athens). Two, I figured even if I was right, I could dilute some of that redneckiness and save future generations the trouble. Don't avoid the problem...help me solve it! (I'm a giver, what can I say?)

And as for you gay people. Athens is full of you! I see people holding hands, making out, groping...you name it...all of the time. Although, I must admit, I see you as more of an Atlanta guy than an Athens guy. It's a little too small town for you I think.

3:57 PM


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