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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I used to think that the lyrics to "Roam if you (she?) wants to" by... whomever in the 1980s was,

"Roll, Nipsy Russell."



Blogger Laura said...

B-52s I think?

1:34 PM

Blogger MM said...

I used to think the KC and the Sunshine Band hit was "keep it common law"--it's not, it's "keep it coming love"

I guess I am a real lawyer.

7:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first time I heard Huey Lewis' "I want a new drug" I thought it was "I want a new truck". I mean, at the time, a new truck would have made me feel good....

10:23 AM

Blogger Kara Alison said...

Whoa...the Song is called "Roam." And it's definitely by the B52's (an ATHENS band might I add). Are we sure this is the lyric?

9:34 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

"Roam if you want to,"

Whatever. :)

And mazel tov on being from where the B-52s are from.

While we're at it, Ed Norton lived on the end of my street. And graduated from my hiiiigh schooool. BOO-YEAH!

11:55 AM

Blogger Laura said...

You neglected to mention that he attended our high school approximately 10 years before we did.

I sort of met him and Courtney Love when they came for the theater opening thing, though. I win. :)

3:56 PM


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