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Monday, May 15, 2006

I highly suggest everyone upgrade to flying First Class from now on. You meet nice people. You get booze shoved at you. They serve you MEALS and HOT TOWELS and WARM NUTS. It's not loud, there are no babies, and there is legroom and places to put your CARRY ON.

It sure makes it a lot more tolerable when your plane is delayed 2.5 hours, to know you'll not be squished next to a fat man who takes up all your space. Heck, sometimes you meet a very nice attorney who is flying down to Miami to get some liposuction and arrange some settlements, and she gives you a good idea to put your house in a landtrust to avoid capital gains taxes.

Oh, Skye. You rock.

Oh, First Class. You rock harder. Despite the fact that the flight was THREE HOURS LONG (usually 2.5) it flew by. I read some magazines, I ate a turkey wrap and had four vodka gingerales. I had a grand old time talking to my seatmate... hell I would have been fine with it if the flight had been another three hours!

Of course, by then, I would have been hammered.

But whatever.

Bottom line? Fly first class from now on. It is awesome. It was much more satisfying this time, than the time I flew to Madison first class. That was just boring. All they did there was serve me Coke in a glass, instead of a plastic cup.

Oh, and Maryland has a lot of trees, and the buildings are old and historic, and I never thought I'd appreciate Victorian Neo-Renaissance buildings or 1812 Dormered rowhouses as much as I did. Or Mid-19th Century Brownstones. Or Art Deco Skyscrapers. Or Depression-Gothic Skyscrapers.


And I miss English. And wide streets where traffic zooms past me... me, who has become a slow driver since moving to Miami. It's odd not to be in a crush of traffic. Odder still is when people are zooming past, when I used to be doing the zooming.

Oddest still is when there is traffic, but it moves.

Oh, sure, I scoffed when some places in D.C. wanted me to pay a covercharge at 2 a.m. when they were just going to be closing in 1/2 an hour... And yes, there will be annoying things about living up there...

But I yearn to take it for granted all over again.

I yearn to be bored that the National Gallery of Art is still running the same booooring Monet exhibit, and I yearn to be bored that the Phillips Collection is still exhibiting Luncheon of the Boating Party. And I want to be sick of the Walter's 16th Century Flemish Collectors Study exhibit, and their medieval art collection. I want to be tired of the Sackler. And the Freer. And the Corcoran. And the Hirshorn. And the Baltimore Museum of Art. And the Museum of Architecure. And the Postal Museum. And the Circus Sideshow Museum.

And I want to be bored of eating Ethiopian food in Georgetown. And French Food in Alexandria. And I want to decide not to go biking along the C&O, because I'm too hungover. And I want to decide that going to Mount Vernon to sit in the Gardens is too much effort. Or that going to the Cylburn Arboretum is too much work.

Here...what? I can go to the beach? I've gone to our three museums eight times. I can go to Ft. Lauderdale to the Swap Shop? I can go to Fairchild Tropical gardens again?

Everything here just feels so unimportant. So new, so unestablished. It's like Canada, but I'm in America, and it's hot, and no one's nice, and no one speaks English. In Canada last summer, it was unreal how new everything was. Hell, they only got their flag in the '60s. Our National Anthem was written in my hometown... where I used to go on Saturdays to fly kites and watch the gantries load the containerships.

I guess it's just another homesick post. Yeah, there are annoying things about the Baltimore-Washington corridor. Ice storms sort of suck. As does Terrorism. But it would be really cool to be looking for a house, and find a nice rowhouse, built in 1805, that was actually in my price-range. Yeah, I'd probably have to repoint the brickwork, and have the thing structurally reinforced, but whatever.

What am I doing here? I'm not leaving yet. But honestly? What am I doing here? Shouldn't I be leaving before the honeymoon is totally over? Shouldn't I want to come back? My friends tell me that after they left Miami, they miss it.

I'm not so sure I really will. I'll miss my friends. And I'll miss routines. But this hundred-year-old marshtown that God keeps trying to wipe off the face of the Earth (for good reason)? I'm not sure I'll miss it so much.

So, my original point - it's nice to fly first class.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when do you think you will move back to baltimore-washington? are you still on track to get the condo on the beach? if you get the condo, then you probably won't move for a couple of years, so maybe you shouldn't get the condo. maybe you should just stay where you are and decide whether you will move to md this fall or next fall? if you move this fall, you'll probably have to take the md bar in july and if you move next fall, you could take the feb. 2007 bar. i think you should move this fall and get out of miami. if you have family in md, friends in md, and you like md, move already. :)

6:00 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

Yeah, moving out of Miami doesn't make me miss Miami as much as it leaves me missing you guys and the weather in December/January... At least there are some new exciting things to do here (not that I have anyone to do them with) and at least it's cheaper here... I do miss being so close to the beach-- where else can you see a homeless man having sex with his homeless partner after they drank 2 bottles of tequila?! :)

6:23 AM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

I've never flown first class. I've alsways been stuck in steerage with people who smell like sweat and curry and want to talk about their lives to me. Do I look like a therapist to you? I've never had a vodka gingerale on a plane. I get a little plastic cup filled with ice and a splash of flat coke, and a teeny bag containing a pretzel, melba chip, and a cornflake.
Sweet Daddio gets to fly first class on business, because he's too tall and too large for steerage.

7:58 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

I'm going to address all of these points in my blog entry of tonight. After I spend hours cutting glass, and having the last cut break the damn piece I worked so hard to cut. Fucking glass.

9:47 AM


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