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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Um. WHAT?!

Get the fuck out.

You kicked off ALLISON?!



I can't fucking believe Vincent is still on the show.

I can't fucking believe Allison is off.

Nicely done. It's like Blind Grading. It's not really all that blind, and it's not really all about that challenge. Not quite yet.

What a fucking travesty.


Blogger MM said...

Vincent is so awful!!! I clearly got violently ill when he kept going my dress "gets me off" and "turns me on". Allison has done great stuff consistently--she had a bad day, a very bad day. Vincent is just bad period!

7:05 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

I totally agree with you, but from a producer's standpoint, Vincent makes for better TV. Especially now that Angela has been doing really well on the last 2 challenges. The viewers need to hate someone. Last year it was Santino and Wendy before him. Now, we hate Vincent's work and Jeffrey's attitude.

I'm really angry about Allison getting kicked off though. She was doing really well and had a lot of potential. She had a REALLY bad day last week. To her credit, it was a very difficult challenge. However, this show is all about those ridiculous challenges to show who is strong and who kicks serious fashion ass!

The bigger issue here is....when are the judges going to notice that Laura makes the same f%$#ing dress every week?! And why are the producers not forcing that bitch to wear a bra? I'm terrified every week that one of her tiny puppies is gonna come flying out. Ugh. Maybe I'm alone on this one, but I def DO NOT want to see that happen in my lifetime!

10:40 AM


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