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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grey's Anatomy...

What is it about Grey's Anatomy that leaves me feeling depressed and maudlin?

It's becoming too soap opera-esque. And it's dark. Does that hospital have any LIGHTS?! And their music is whiny and sad. I think it's about time I tune out and go back to The Office. It was a tough choice today, but... I chose Grey's.

And I think I made the wrong choice.

So... you know. Back to The Office.



The Washington Post takes a snarky Grey's recap as well. Now I know why the show leaves me feeling miserable - it left everyone feeling that way:

On 'Grey's,' Misery Loves Company

The new season of "Grey's Anatomy" starts with a helpful recap of Everyone's Misery:

Christina got left at the altar by Dr. Preston, causing Meredith to dump McDreamy 'cause that's what friends do. (Meredith will get hers when she finds out they've introduced her secret half-sister, Lexi, as one of the hospital's new interns and Lexi makes Meredith look old enough to be the star of movie on Lifetime. Or Hallmark Channel.)

Izzy the Shrew, shagged her best friend, the married George, 'cause that's what friends do too.

George, aka Bambi, who cheated on his wife, is feeling mighty bad for himself because he flunked his test and can't become a resident like his pals and must instead repeat his internship while his wife has been named chief resident -- oh the humiliation.

Dr Addison has left to get in touch with her inner wimp on her own series, leaving McSteamy desperately searching for a reason to still be on the series.

Alex is also unhappy but, what with one thing and the other, we've forgotten why over the summer, and our sushi delivery arrived while that was being recapped, so you'll have to vamp on that one.

Okay, everyone up to speed?

That settled, we're treated to the arrival of car crash victims. Seems Family Guy hit a deer, and then Pregnant Chick hit Family Guy, severing his skull from his spine, and then Compulsive Eater Guy hit Pregnant Chick, slicing off her arm and leaving Compulsive Eater Guy with a swollen knee.

Our Gang of interns, who have miraculously morphed into the nastiest, most abusive residents to ever bully a wide-eyed dopey intern, leap into action, except Izzy, who missed her chance because she was too busy fuming over the fact that Bambi hasn't spoken to her in 17 days. Her interns decide she's a dud.

Wide-eyed little boy, accompanied by Insufferable Dad, enters hospital bearing Pregnant Chick's arm and screaming about someone female who's hurt real bad and is in their truck. Izzy smells blood and rushes to truck only to discover that the someone is -- wait for it -- the deer. Izzy decides if she can't have Bambi the First she'll save Bambi 2. Boy, we didn't see that one coming.

Much painful metaphoring by Izzy about how Bambi-the-First-has-left-her-all-alone-in-the-forest-and-she-Izzy-is-the-real-Bambi-in-this-story later, Family Guy's skull has been miraculously re-attached to his spine and is surrounded by his lovely wife and two adorable kids. Pregnant Chick has her arm sewn back on and Bambi the First delivers her baby. Compulsive Eater Guy has emergency surgery after swallowing scissors and things. Izzy is still a shrew even though she endures the mockery of her interns and saves Bambi 2. Lexi gives George the Cher "Snap Out of It!" talk. And McDreamy and Meredith decide that they are officially broken up and then have sex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the Ugly Betty and Grey's combo last night, and I agree it was super depressing. I cried TWICE... and George loves Izzy, seriously, seriously, *sigh*. I acutally thought both shows were pretty good, but I also love to slap in Fried Green Tomatoes every once in awhile for kicks.

Meredith (not Grey)

6:57 AM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

That's just ridiculous.

4:51 PM


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