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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cubaner and Cubaner

My boss now tells me "ven aca" when he wants me to come over.

Frequently I'm involved in conversations that are 70/30 English/Spanish.

I've all but replaced "uhhh" when I'm at a loss for a word with "ehhh," and I'm likely to answer a "yes" question with "si." I also might tell you, "oye" before I say something. I try not to. If you hear the "Miami Accent" creeping into my otherwise oddly-Canadian way of speaking, please let me know.

Over the course of working, it's been interesting to see how my Spanish comprehension (except on the phone) is back to near-perfect. Speaking... not so much, but who needs to SPEAK Spanish when one can read it and understand it. Am I right? Huh?

But really, I'm shocked at how I was told, "ven aca" and I did it...only processing, "that was a command in...Spanish..." after my feet started walking.

Just sort of strange...


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