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Monday, April 14, 2008

This weekend.

I had guests in town this weekend. I did a LOT. I'm getting sick.

(Thanks, Florida Room!)

Highlight of the weekend: Maria Jose Arjona's Karaoke at Gallery Diet where Maria Jose stood in her red-dye spattered shirt (looked like she stabbed a guy... couple guys... smoked crack cocaine. crack cocaine. sold a baby. a white baby. for a lot of money...) and a gleamingly white chiffon floor-length skirt and sang an Edith Piaf song over and over again into a microphone until she lost her voice.

It was utterly transfixing, and was the piece that stood out most to my out-of-town guests, as the the only other highlight of Art Walk was Pepe Mar's installation at David Castillo's gallery. But it was a given I'd like Pepe's stuff, because he's such a sweetheart, and one of my everywhere people, and I always just want to give him a big ole' hug whenever I run into him.

Also receiving two enthusiastic thumbs up: Indomania at Collins and 26th street. I think All Purpose Dark wrote about this place, extolling its virtues, and I echo every one of her sentiments. Dinner was FANTABULOUS, service was attentive, the owners actually cared if we liked the food, and we had a glowing time there. I can't stop telling every person I talk to about how wonderful it was.

Receiving a big thumbs down: Michael's Genuine. This is the second time I've been there, and the second time I've left vowing never to return. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to restaurants. But when you give me (and the eight other people I went there with the first time I went) explosive diarrhea -- that's count 1 against you.

When you're out of everything we order, and the waiter is a total douche who wants to upcharge you three bucks for a ramekin of DIP when they're out of the potato chips you order, and commits other sundry atrocities...

Let's just say that the crispy sweet n' sour pork belly, no matter HOW ADDICTIVE AND DREAMY IT IS, doesnt' make up for the disappointing meal...

But that's going to be an entire post unto itself.

Again: Indomania = Good. Pepe Mar = Good. Maria Jose Arjona = Good.

Michael's Genuine = Bad. (More on that later.)


Blogger Steve Owen said...

Looking forward to your review on Michael's. I have always written that is is good, but severely overrated. Top 10 in the country? Laughable.

7:56 PM

Blogger Blind Mind said...

Wow, 2 blasphemers on this blog! I was 150% skeptical on Michaels before I went there but after 6 visits I have to say its my favorite restaurant in Miami, hands down. Ive never had a bad dish there and the service has always been great. Maybe Im special?

6:51 AM

Blogger 30 Dogs 30 Days said...

SO-First let me say that the NYTimes reviewer offered the "Top Ten NEW Restaurants in the US", not "Top Ten in the country", so let's start with the facts.
SB-If you haven't eaten at more than one of them, or at other perennial top-rated restaurants, who cares what you think?
BM-You ARE special, son.

10:03 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Steve - Coming soon. The food was fine. When they had what we ordered. The waiter was a complete dick. That was my problem this time. The time before... it was that it gave me and seven of my friends the runs.

BM - The first time I went the service was a.ma.zing. Friendly, knowledgeable waiter... and it's not his fault we all got the skutters... but...

Daily Cocaine - Eaten at more than one of what? I made no mention of top 10 restaurants anywhere, so don't put words in my mouth and then use them to belittle me.

Sorry, "son," but you don't know me, so the drive-by flaming seems... what's the word? Unwarranted? Inappropriate? If Michael Schwartz is your brother or something (and that's why you're taking my being unimpressed with Michael's Genuine so personally) his food is tasty -- but I think over-hyped. His service could use work. Pass the memo along.


11:47 AM

Blogger Blind Mind said...

Hi, its the special one again. So you arent impressed with the food there? I guess I really love it because its creative rather than the same old bland bullshit we are fed at just about every restaurant in Miami. Its all about the ingredients, taste, and even presentation and I think Michaels excels on all 3 of those fronts. Besides, you may not have got the shits from that meal, it couldve came at a previous meal. Either way, nothing wrong with a little "brown rain". Its a great ab workout! ;)

12:12 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Blind Mind - No, I was saying I really did enjoy the food there; I would have enjoyed it more if they weren't out of three of the things we ordered.

I mean, I'm still fantasizing about the pork belly. I wanted to order another one.

As for the "illin'," the first time I went, I went with a table of four. We all got the squirts. I also ran into a friend of mine there who was eating at another table on the same day. Their table got sick too. Koinkidink? I think not.

It's just one of those two strikes things. The first time the food was bad and the service was great. The second time the service was bad but the food was good.

It also used to be an oasis in a desert of restaurants. Now there's other stuff around there, and there will be more, and more and more.

They're doing fine, though. They don't need my business. :) If someone else invites me out and makes the reservations, I won't say no, but I'm not going to go out of my way to go again.

4:26 PM

Blogger Blind Mind said...

What else is around there that is good? Ive heard mixed reviews about Japonais and Brosia's menu looks boring as all hell though reviews Ive heard have not been bad.

6:33 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

Sb I don't think you're allowed to dislike a place, even when it gives you and friends the squits. If I get sick from a restaurant, I don't go back, period, ever. If my whole party gets sick, the restaurant gets a call from me and the health inspector. I don't care how good the food tastes, or how solicitous the waiter is. You were very, VERY generous to give them a second try. Foolishly so, imo. But eh...what do I know. I like Wendy's.

4:16 AM

Blogger 30 Dogs 30 Days said...

So what is your point of reference? How many top restaurants have you eaten at? Blind Mind at least has the experience to be knowledgable. You? Sounds like you were full of sh*t BEFORE you went to Michael's. Maybe that's why you got the squirts?

7:48 AM

Blogger Blind Mind said...

Whoa, this really escalated eh? Hahaha.

So can anyone tell me about Brosia or Domo Japonais experiences? Thats really all I need. Then you can resume belittling each other, I promise.

9:28 PM

Blogger 30 Dogs 30 Days said...

Okay, BM. Thanks for getting me back on track. I think Brosia's a great place for after work cocktails and bites, and they have some outstanding dishes. Only one problem... http://www.miamisunpost.com/030608bites.htm
Domo is also cool for outdoor drinks and a snack or two-beautiful crowd...

9:27 AM


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