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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I kind of hate my job.

A lot.

It's less my job, and more the fact that I'm incredibly underpaid and with this stupid job market, I'm loathe to jump ship when at least I have "job security" (hee! hee!) even if, for the most part, every new case that lands on my desk makes me want to eat a bucket of fuck.

I'm having fantasies of switching over to Personal Injury. Not PIP work, but good old fashioned soft tissue injuries. Nice indoor work with no heavy lifting.

Those P.I. lawyers are the ones who make all the money anyway... and it's easy(ier).

Pick a theme: "Little Johnny will never again be able to skip down the street," "When they married Ana and Rodolfo thought they'd have a lifetime of happiness together... not a lifetime of bedpans and IV feeding..." "Little Clara can't hug her mommy again, because that man wanted to get to the Bar two minutes earlier."


And then just make the jury cry or milk the insurance company for settlement money and take 1/3rd of it.

Sure, I've totally forgotten what a Fabre defendant is, or what a Mary Carter agreement is, or how to fill out a demand for insurance benefits, but... pfft. Piece of cake. Incident date, injuries, policy limits... it'd all come back to me.

And it's easy. Just some anatomy and basic tort law. Crocodile tears for the jury, and a client, bubbling into a nebulizer on the Plaintiff's side...

Boxes of discovery? What's that? Was the light red or was it green? Was it wet or was it dry? Did you clean the puddle of vomit off your steps, or leave it there for seven hours?

Yeah... this whole not ambulance chasing thing...

It may have been a mistake.

I actually looked forward to going to work every day when I worked in the P.I. firm...


Anonymous JB said...

Haha. Seriously? I guess at least the clients make you feel a little better about yourself..... Let's see.... I recall a guy who cut his own hand off with a chain saw, a lady who pulled a bunch of suitcases down on her head at KMart, a kid who nearly cut his head off with a fence wire on an ATV.....oh yeah, exciting stuff for sure....

8:54 PM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

I have to say that in my experience, PI work is mostly paperwork. Lots of letters back & forth to the insurance companies & very rarely in a courtroom. The only issue is when you do actually have to go to court, they are lengthy trials & you need to do arts & crafts as exhibits, which I personally found fun. It's great way to make money, but only if your client does. Entertainment Law is where it's at. Boring agreements, but never go to court & work 9-5 without bringing your work home with you emotionally.And tons of money. Not too shabby.

1:58 PM


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