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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Crazy night last night.

I went to Provocateur, the place on 23rd street that I had never heard of before... Thursday.

There was a really weird crowd there. Lots of people with beards (myself included!) but these were bushy, weird, unkempt beards - sort of artisty - and the crowd was otherwise very mixed. In an uncomfortable worlds-colliding sort of way.

The space itself appears divided into several areas - there's a front-space, claustrophobic, fabric-draped with the crystal chandeliers that are de-rigeur these days, with a meagerly-stocked bar to the south end and a piano in the corner, where some freak in a fedora was savagely "crooning" f-bomb laced songs into a microphone and shooting dirty looks at my group in the corner, muttering something about being able to hear his singing over "our f&cking conversation."

I listened to his singing - unintelligible and flat - which is why I deemed it unworthy of further attention, and that's why we were having our "f&cking conversation."

Then mercifully, the "set" stopped, and a back room opened. That space was interesting -- big, glowing island bar in the middle of the room, which was half indoors and half outdoors, which should make it miserable in the summer -- if the place lasts that long.

After doing a lap around the outdoor space, we decided that was enough. The strobe lights were going to give someone an epilleptic fit, and the crowd was such a puzzling mix -- that we went somewhere more familiar and comforting - Mokai. And then Buck 15. Previously having been to the Gansevoort.

And before that Lucky Strike.

And I wonder why I don't feel so good today.

Overall, I'm not sure Provocateur is somewhere I'll be frequenting. But the staff is nice!


Blogger The Chowfather said...

That's the old Groove Jet spot. Summer was never an issue....

1:10 PM


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