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Monday, August 30, 2010


Tapas y Tintos on Espanola Way on Miami Beach used to be one of my favorite restaurants.

Until I brought my little brother and his girlfriend there on Saturday night.

It was. AWFUL.

Awful to the point that I probably won't be going back.

Their standouts were mediocre-to-bad (the pork loin was burnt and chewy, the patatas bravas were unceremoniously dumped on a plate, with a ramekin of thin hotsauce; previously they were mounded in an earthenware dish and dolloped with...thicker hot sauce, and even the queso de cabra al horno, goat cheese baked in tomato sauce was... lacking) their sangria comes in tiny pitchers, and is watered down...

And the busboys hover over you like flies, stealing half-eaten dishes and removing in-use plates.

I asked the waitress what the hell happened to the chef, but she told me he's the same...

Something's off there. I'll go back when they fix it.

Which is a damn shame. Because that used to be one of my standout restaurant recommendations on South Beach.



Anonymous Scott said...

That IS a shame. Love that place. :(

7:23 AM


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