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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm nawshus...

I'm getting old. Yesterday was the culmination of something I've been waiting for, for three years. I finished law school. One would think that this accomplishment would be heralded by me going out and getting wasted. Didn't happen. First off, when I've partied lately, I've partied hard. Hard. Hard like we can only do here in the M. I. A. Well. That catches up with you, and nearly a week after my last "adventure," I still feel sick, brought low by food poisoning (a week ago), combined with booze and staying up all night... my tummy still doesn't feel good. :( And it's been pouring here (summer came...fast and furious to Miami). I don't think that last part made sense, but I'm too nauseous/achy/tired/cranky to fix it.

I decided that I would celebrate my accomplishment by making myself a cake. What better thing to do than make an Ebinger's Blackout Cake? Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding middle, chocolate frosting (all home made) chocolate cookies on the outside (purchased). The cake is fucking unreal. Unfortunately, I think that's pretty much all I've eaten today. I also started it at 9:30 last night (bad move) so it wasn't finished until 12:30 a.m. I woke up in the 8's this morning, after going to bed at 3 (I had to watch Northern Exposure on T.V. Don't ask why.) So, I'm not well rested, and all I've eaten today is chocolate cake. I'm cranky, I feel strung out, I can't take a nap, and my stomach hurts.

On the plus side, I got a haircut, mailed out some stuff, returned books, and have been pawning this cake off on all I come in contact with, so that I do not eat the behemoth by myself, thereby gaining about 40 pounds. I know what I put in the cake and believe me, it ain't pretty. I've run through over 2.5 pounds of sugar in the past few days.

So there you have it. I need a freakin' vegetable, but eating vegetables still hurts my stomach. I wish I had a feeding tube. I could syringe sustinence up my nose and into my stomach in liquid form...no chewing, no angry belly...

Will someone please come eat the last 1/2 cake (five pounds) in my fridge? I never want to look at a piece of chocolate again.


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