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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Go to my archives, August 2005, "Friendster is a Beautiful thing."

It's your shout-out. :)



Anonymous Dre said...

Love you! How come my stupid search command doesn't work on my computer at home? How come I forgo going out with friends to sit at home and read your blog? It makes me remember the good old days where you and I could sit and bitch about everything TOGETHER. Now we're so far apart. Thank god for Cingular to Cingular minutes! Christmakkah time = S. Florida + me + you + cigs + vino + forcing my parents to take us to nicer restaurants than we can afford...sound like a plan?

3:27 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

I love the idea. If Alan and Brenda also happen to take us out on a the BocaBoat, no big hullaballoo!

You sit at home and read my blog? Aw. That makes me love you even more, if that's possible.

You're my Angel in a purple suede hat.

8:02 AM

Anonymous Dre said...

If the Bocaboat survives Hurricane Season and you want to put your life in my nearly blind father's hands, I think, yes, we can def go on a little boating afternoon dealie!

12:22 PM


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