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Saturday, July 08, 2006

An Open Letter to my Friends:

Dear Friends:

This whole..."plan ditching phase" we're all going through...

It's going to have to stop.

I'm bored. You're bored. We're all bored and tired. BUT, when one of us actually rallies others into saying "yes" to plans, let's not then cancel them, kay?

Because it's pissing me off. A lot. It's also very rude. And also, would you REALLY rather be sitting on your couch?

Mull that one over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen. and i don't even know you, but that is seriously what i was thinking as friends cancel plans on me just now...

4:35 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

I hate it when friends cancel on me. I take it very personally and assume they like a Stouffers Pizza more than they like me.

9:39 AM

Blogger doug said...

Come to New York. Promise you won't be bored...

7:39 AM

Blogger Kara Alison said...

I'm sitting on my couch right now and guess what: I love it. You want to make plans? Too bad, I'm already busy!

9:26 AM

Blogger Danya said...

Don't you ever just get tired though? It's soooo hard to rally on weeknights. Plus, don't know about you, but I'm broke!

10:35 AM

Blogger Mike said...

Kara - I'm with you. Nothing is better than doing nothing.

1:21 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Doug, I can promise you, when (not if) I move to New York, I'm sure I'll still end up making myself bored. But probably less so. Maybe I'll be less bored when I move to the beach. Maybe. And, if..I can find a place that's not a hellhole.

Kara, Danya and Mike... 1) NO I NEVER GET TIRED. And when I do, I try to rally through it. The only time I will cancel plans is when I have a hangover. :)

2) I'm not broke, per se, but I shouldn't be spending money. I need it to buy a house. I'm also accepting donations from members of the community towards a downpayment. I'll give you my PayPal information if you're interested. ;)

3) And R.T., Yes. I take it verrrry, verrrry personally when people cancel firm plans with me. Just ask my friend Amy. Once she canceled on a sailing trip with me and I didn't talk to her for a month. :)

I promise I'll update soon, kids.

7:36 AM


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