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Friday, August 18, 2006


I'm exhausted.

So please, go to work for me.

Draft my Option to Buy Back Shares.

And do all the stuff I'm sure is coming up for my fees and costs hearing.



Blogger Rootietoot said...

tell you what. You do my job for a week and I'll do yours. A change is as good as a break! (how hard could lawyering for a week be? I'll just file for an extension or something)

7:26 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Okay. I'll take your physically exhausting job, for my mentally exhausting one. And practice tip No. 1: You'll serve on Opposing Counsel and Chambers and file with the Clerk, a Motion for Continuance. ;)

Filing for an extension is what we do with the IRS.

But it's all the same thing. Except, the IRS grants them to you automatically. With your Motion, you have to call four times a day until you hear it's been granted, and then write a confirmation letter to the Judicical Assistant.

It's a lot of unnecessary paperwork. But that's my life. Paperwork.

8:15 AM


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