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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Even though I'm old... I'm not.


I'm up late.

And I'm watching TBS or some crap like that.

And this "Full House" commercial comes on about Kimmy Gibbler (hey, Kim, if you read this!)... and in the commercial, they showed Stephanie and D.J.'s room when they shared one...

And as I watched the commercial, I thought, "I used to be jealous of that room..." And while reflecing on the early 90's decor I onced coveted, it dawned upon me... that even though I just turned 26, and am at an age where I could be saddled with kids and a mortgage and someone else to support... I still look at "Full House" and remember feeling jealousy at their awesome room, and it doesn't feel like that long ago that I was jealous. (Comparatively...)

My room was fine growing up... But their room was like... an Ikea catalog! And I wanted it.

I feel like emotions are some of the first memories to fade, so the fact that I still remember these emotions at television shows, shows how recent they were. (Comparatively). I guess fourteen or fifteen years, while it sounds like a lot, really isn't that long.

It's weird. To watch TV and remember when it was new. And to be taken right back to that Friday in 1990 when you watched that Full House for the first time... and then watched Perfect Strangers and Family Matters and that other horrible sappy SitCom (one with Jerry Levine, and they had a Polynesian maid named "Peenie" and that was just about the funniest thing I had ever seen on T.V., probably to this day...) It's strange to watch something that now looks so dated, and realize that it wasn't that long ago that it was new, and it wasn't so long ago that you wished you had D.J.'s and Stephanie's room...

It sort of puts age in perspective. Not that I'm having a mid-life crisis - I realize that I'm still a baby. But maybe we should start counting age from when we remember things. So, if we subtract the years that we don't really remember, from our actual ages... I'm 17... (Okay. 23.)


Blogger Rootietoot said...

I hear you. I find it scary that they are doing these "retro" shows about times when I was a teen- That '70's Show for one. My parents went through the same thing with The Waltons and Happy Days. I rented a disc of Freaks and Geeks from Netflix, and it was so exactly like my high school experience that it scared me and I had to quit watching.
When you see chicks with blowbacks and guys with high waisted tight pants and people driving Gremlins...baaahh. I think I'll stick to genuine retro and watch Little House on the Prairie.

You're not old, you're experiencing the increasingly rapid cycle of of our culture. Eventually it will be spinning so fast there won't be any style at all.

This philosophical moment has been brought to you by Sleep Deprivation and Luzianne Coffee with Chicory

6:37 AM

Blogger Mike said...

It sounds like you had an out-of-body 80s experience while watching Full House. If you thought that was a little trippy, watch this:


It will also make you feel like your childhood is almost tangibly within your grasp. Make sure you watch the whole thing - their cover of Cyndi Lauper's The Goonies R Good Enuf is not to be missed.

5:01 PM

Blogger some guy said...

SB, you're a strange cat.

2:16 PM


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