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Friday, October 20, 2006


People think I'm funny.

And usually, it's flattering, and I enjoy being thought of as funny or witty, or engaging and charming. I'm convivial. I like people. I really enjoy buzzing around a party or a bar, knowing a lot of people, and that blur-like exchange where you're basically doing the "social waltz." While I wouldn't exactly describe myself as "friendly," I do get along well with others.

I like to mingle. And I like being thought of as "funny" in those scenarios. I also like to be thought of as "funny" in my writing. In fact, whenever I'm trying to be funny, which is a good percentage of the time, I enjoy the response.

And usually, I like those people that think I'm funny because 1) they get me and 2) they boost my ego.

And then there's that other group of people. It's the group of people that find me funny when I'm being funny, and particularly hilarious when I'm not trying to be. The group of people that become so obsessed with my "funny-ness" that they burst out laughing uncontrollably whenever I make a facial expression or say anything. They're the ones constantly exclaiming, "Oh, Superbee! You're SO FUNNY! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Fear not, readers, it's none of you, to whom I refer.

And after a while, I begin to resent this. A lot. It makes me short and bitchy, which garners even more, "Oh, SuperBee, you're HYSTERICAL!" Okay. Okay. I get it. You think I'm being funny. But I'm not. Believe it or not, I'm not always being "on," and right now I'm asking you where a file is, or I'm trying to give you instructions as to how to do something. So if you could please shut the fuck up and listen to me, that would be really great, thanks. If I were trying to be funny, I'd appreciate your effusive response, but right now, I have a TON of shit to do, and I'm not trying to entertain you, rather, to convey a point or accomplish a goal, and your titter-fest is 1) slowing me down and 2) by virtue thereof, pissing me off.

Also, after a while, the line between laughing "with" and laughing "at" begins to blur, in my mind anyway. Yeah, I'm an energetic guy. "Animated," as they describe my friend Spencer, and could probably describe me. We're little guys with big smiles and loud voices. People find us charming and people like us. I can't speak for Spencer, but when such accolades are constantly rained down upon me by this certain group of person that I leave in hysterics by, say, reviewing a document or describing a frustating experience, the accolates turn from flattering to condescending. It is at that point where I begin to feel like the unwilling jester.

And it's also at that point where I look at the person who is so thoroughly enjoying this interaction with me and I think, "You're an idiot. Compose yourself, and stop laughing at whatever I say or do." And it's also at this point where, I generally start to hate the person a little bit and avoid interacting with them, because they no longer feed my ego, but rather, they annoy the shit out of me.

I have no good ending to this post, but I just figured I'd put it out there. Remember, kids - it's one thing to be complimentary. But compliments, regardless of how sincere, can smack of derision when applied too liberally and with too much gusto.


Blogger Laura said...

If it makes you feel better, I pretty much never think you're funny.

I have the same problem, only with sarcasm. People always think I'm being sarcastic even when I'm being genuine. It's very confusing. Even when I say, "no, I mean it, I really feel X way," they still think I'm being sarcastic. I can't win. So I feel your pain.

7:32 PM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Don't lie to me, bitch. You always think I'm being funny. But I even think I've been guilty of confusing your genuine emotion with sarcasm. :) So, I'm glad that someone out there feels my pain.

9:05 PM

Blogger JB said...

You don't wear cowboy boots to work with your three piece suit, do you? Because I used to work in an office with someone who did, and *that* was funny....

10:07 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

we all have our cross to bear.
I wish people would quit taking me so seriously all the time.

1:42 PM

Blogger some guy said...

this is a real conundrum. i have no advice for you.

7:42 AM

Blogger MM said...

I thought you could benefit from a little biblical story about a man who took for granted his funny nature. Unfortunately because the Bible got to be too damn long, this story was cut for length. Nonetheless I shall summarize it so you too can learn it’s valuable lesson.

In the village of the Bo-Ring, there lived a ‘special’ boy name Ch’eremy. Ch’eremy was different from all the other village idiots because God had blessed him with a magical power that made people laugh with his mere presence. Ch’eremy resented this gift because whenever he entered a room people randomly burst into laughing seizures. Ch’eremy was super pissed because he wished he had been given the power to part the seas, or some over other super cool shit like that.

So one day Ch’eremy climbed to the top Mount Bitchy and whined into the heavens, “please god, make the people stop laughing.” And you know what, God said OK, and the people stopped laughing. Ch’eremy went home all happy and relished the silence that he heard, as there was no more laughter in the village.

As the weeks began to pass a dark somber cloud grew over the village. When neighboring villages asked what was wrong with the town, people began to say, “it’s nothing, it’s just boring”. (that is where the word boring came from).

Ch’eremy grew old and sad along with the town. He soon realized that when he loss the abilitiy to make others laugh, he lost the ability to laugh at himself too, which indeed had been the greatest gift of all.

The end.

9:12 AM


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