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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh, good.

Oh, good.

I'm back to putting down 3/4 of a bottle of wine after work.

Like many of us.

It's the unspoken bond...that's sometimes shared in another moment of intoxication. That we come home after a grueling and exhausting day of dealing with papers and papers and facts and papers and rules and papers...and warm ourselves up a bowl of Udon noodle soup in a biodegradeable bowl...

Shun any sort of date plans by saying that we're sick, rescheduling some poor schmoe that we don't really want to have drinks with, and don't really want to hook up with, because we've lost our MoJo...

Crack a bottle of wine and watch The Office.

I'm hitting a plateau in my job. I'm bored. And it lacks any type of drama. And I can't concentrate. Or focus. All I want to do is play on the Internet. There's no sense of urgency.

The other day, I was falling asleep...and I realized... maybe Personal Injury wouldn't be so bad, after all.

I'd get to go to hearings a lot. And because I'd be representing Plaintiffs, I wouldn't have to go against Lippman who I heard screaming at a new associate for United Auto the other day (I had met the yellee once at a barbecue.)

I want more excitement. I'm super bored. Trials are few and far between. While I sort of hate talking to judges, at least it makes me feel alive. And I've been pretty successful so far. I usually get what I want...granted the motions I argue and the stuff I do isn't usually THAT contentious...

But... drafting Settlements and Releases and Mortgages and Promissory Notes is sort of draining my lifeblood.

And I want more money. I'm competent. I just need to grow the balls to ask for a raise. I need to tell myself I deserve it.

Because, I think I do. Now I'm going to finish this glass of wine, finish The Office, and steel myself for another day tomorrow... of copying Volumes Three through Five of the pleadings in the Cases we just got. Copying things in the Attorney Services Room of the Clerks office... is my own personal idea of hell.

And so I drink my wine.

And plan on wearing something comfortable tomorrow. For a looong day of standing.



Blogger jonphiwil said...

I, too, frequently find myself having to make copies in the clerk's office. The thought of it alone makes me want to jab a fork in my ear.

7:55 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

That sounds sad. I have my assistant make my copies and never go to a courthouse. Ahh, the life of pseudo corporate counsel. Go that route :)

8:23 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

housewifing's pretty interesting, occasionaly.

I'm with you on the wine. A nice cold bottle of Pinot Grigio can soften the edges of any sort of crisis. Or non-crisis.

4:28 AM

Blogger Shawn said...

welcome to the world all your fellow attorneys live in - about 6 months to 1 year after you start your job it becomes hell - we all get there. Since I graduated early from law school I hit it way before anyone even started their jobs - so when everyone was all like "I love my job" I am like...give it 6 months!

But eventually you get over it and you just say whatever/who cares anymore - and keep on working. And sometimes you actually have a good day. sometimes.

7:24 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

You have an assistant...have her make the copies. I was a paralegal and I was the one going to the clerks office and making the copies. I don't think most attorneys know HOW to make copies. My boss doesn't even know where the copy room is..I'm not joking.

Also, you should look for a nwe job. One out here. Then we can get married and you can make a lot of money that I spend. An associate rate out here is minimum $350/hr. You could make more. I could spend more and then you wouldn't have to call me and make fun of me for shopping at Target. I didn't buy clothes by the way. I bought toilet paper and Tide. You love me.

11:45 AM

Blogger Shawn said...

that's true - I dont know how to make copies. or fax. I always make the machine jam.

12:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! That's my loser BBQ where you met the "yellee"! Libman is a pain and he is the only attorney I know who appears for his own depositions at his office via phone and asks, "whose is my client in this one? what case is this?" Hilarious. I love my job - I am a dork but you should definitely make the jump! Miss you!

2:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, I've been practicing for 11 months and you just described how I feel and almost exactly what I do after work too. I am so happy that I am not the only young atty who feels like this.

11:14 AM


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