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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Art Deco/Modern Posters

Above are the three posters I bought today. I'll add to my collection as the years go by. The German Federal Railway poster is from the 1940s, the Vacuum Tube poster is from circa 1930, and the John Bull Poster is Circa 1950. I don't know how I'll arrange them once I get them de and re mounted and framed. Am I nuts to have spent $1,500.00 on them? Yes. Nevertheless, they're art, and I like them, and two of them were my graduation present from Law School from my parents, and one of them is a present for me because I deserve it.

As Lauren said, they match my personality. I think When I hang them, I'll have all my cartoony Characters facing in to my Steel and Machine-Age poster.

Anyone want to contribute to my Framing Fund? This ain't gonna be cheap...


Blogger Rootietoot said...

OH man I LOVE vintage posters! We usually go to the movie posters (favorite "The Forbidden PLanet")

I don't think you're nuts for spending money on them- they are an investment as well as something cool to look at.

8:06 AM

Blogger MM said...

For 1500 they could've thrown in a frame. Yay for the 7 pounds. I miss u peanut!

7:36 PM

Blogger DrunkBrunch said...

I also have art to frame, one of which is a first-edition print from a NYC gay art foundation, and the other is an autographed poster from the Rent movie.

You see, I am a straight female but decorate like a gay man.

7:32 AM


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