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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Know what really grinds my gears?

Ironing. Ironing really grinds my gears.

I hate it. But I'm too cheap to get my shirts laundered and ironed. So I wash and iron them myself, so I can support my expensive poster collection habit.

Also, I've started turning shirt-ironing into a sport; a race if you will against my best time. My best time is 2 minutes 35 seconds to iron a shirt. How do you think that competes with other speed ironers? Who knows. First shirt was 2.35, last shirt was 2.54 (taking into consideration, of course, I don't iron the yokes of my shirt, because they're annoying and that's stupid) and who knows how long tonight's shirt will take...

But still.

Ironing really grinds my gears.


Blogger Andy said...

I actually agree with you for once - Ironing is probably my least favorite activity.

Though not because it's boring, but because it never seems to work...and I'm terrible at it.

I could Iron 1 shirt for 15 minutes and still find thousands of wrinkles after putting it on.

6:51 AM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

One of the happiest days in this housewife's life was the day her husband announced that, due to his recent promotion, he needed to take his shirts to the cleaners and have them professionally pressed. Even now I'll throw things in the dryer with a softener thing and call that "ironing".

9:13 AM

Blogger dmbmeg said...

i'm on the edge of my seat!

9:28 AM

Blogger MM said...

Let's go to the flea market and get u a steamer. No more ironing today or ever again.

Goonies never say die.


9:31 AM

Blogger Meltin' Sara said...

Get a STEAMER MOFO. Best invention ever. You won't regret it. I will never go back to using an iron ever.

11:49 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

What is it with gay men and ironing? Last night my roommate ironed throughout all of American Idol. The worst part? I hate ironing too, so I asked him to do a couple of my shirts that I barely wear b/c I hate ironing...and he refused! Bullshit.

1:50 PM

Blogger belledame222 said...

Ironing? What's that?

4:57 PM


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