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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I will buy a silk screen machine and MAKE THESE T-SHIRTS FOR MYSELF!

I need each and every one of these shirts. EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Blogger Rootietoot said...

I'm liking the severus snape one. The others...too profane, would get me hissed at in the mall.

11:06 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

See, I think that's why I like them.

Because they're teasingly suggestive, but interpretable in a "clean" sort of way.

Like maybe you're telling Luna Lovegood that you chopped firewood, so she can fire her pot in Potions Class!

Or maybe you're telling Viktor Krum to grab the homeless person you possess, and take him on a Magical Quidditch flying match...excursion!

Or maybe you're telling someone that their wand isn't powerful enough for Ginny Weasley to use to make a Patronus spell, or Accio some Bertie Bott's AnyFlavour Beans...

I... enjoy the Harry Potter.

And I REALLY enjoy enjoy those shirts. The picture was titled, "Don't be a Stranger, Hermione Granger!"

If I bought one, I think I'd buy the Snape or Weasley one...

12:02 PM

Blogger Jess said...

Oh, those are about Harry Potter? Maybe that's why I don't get them... Right?

9:26 AM

Blogger Tere said...


At least until you get your machine.

7:23 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

I go to an art supply store and buy iron on letters and add them to t-shirts. Haven't you ever seen the ones I've made? They're hilarious. I wear them out too! People think Im insane and parents shield their childrens eyes from me!

2:20 PM


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