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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is MY Miami.

This absolutely fantastic article was published in the Washington Post.

One of my super secret spies must have come down and hung out with me one weekend (when I'm out and about during a weekend) because this article tracks MY Miami. The places I go to. The Galleries and neighborhoods I frequent. The places I eat. And all the credit for that goes to... any guesses? Stephen. Oh well.

Read the article, but please don't overrun Circa 28, and please, don't overcrowd my Wynwood.

I think this article does a fine job of seeing this filthy, gritty city honestly, but shedding some light on the few bright spots we have... Even if that bright spot is a warehouse gallery district that smells like piss, crack, and damp building.

Really... it's like someone followed me going to my favorite places...


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