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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Oh god.

I just bought this:

Oh god.

It's going to run me about $1,800 including shipping.

Oh god.

But it's a really pretty piece. A 1960 Larsen Credenza with Tambor doors... I'm going to drill holes in the back and put my stereo equipment in it...

Oh god.

No. This is a good thing.



Blogger Rootietoot said...

oh that is VERY nice! Now for a mismatched pair of Eames chairs and a starburst clock.

9:07 AM

Blogger Andy said...

1960 is right, damn. Are you sure it'll have enough room for your gramaphone and all your old LP's?

You should adapt my style: contemporary zen-minimalist.

I only have the essentials. A bed, a dresser, and an LCD TV mounted to the wall.

10:47 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

RT - Thank you. YOU know what I'm going for. (And I'm working on the Starburst clock.) I have big plans. I don't need to go overboard much more, but a couple key pieces should highlight and give the look I'm going for.

Andy - No, really, the piece is from 1960. I'm going for a Mid-Century/Atomic Modern look. And don't forget, I just bought a kick-ass place. I need to decorate it kick-assedly.

But you know me - I'll pull it off with panache and flair. Everyone will be even MORE jealous of where I live. Ask Erik. He'll tell you. Or maybe you'll actually give me a head's up next time you're in town, as opposed to calling me three minutes before you want to go out. Whatever.

11:47 AM

Anonymous Abbs said...

DAR-LING...$1800???It's a lovely piece and I am sur eyou will make it lovelier with placement, but I, a Scarsdalian with acrylics (almost oxymoronic) could BUILD you that thing for a fraction of that! You need to come shopping with me in Atlanta!

10:23 AM


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