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Friday, December 21, 2007


I think I'm getting sick. Ever since I presided over the eviction of a creepy medical supply place, whose owner took off around September 5, and left her business like she was coming back the next day...

I knew I was going to get SOMETHING.

And I think I am.

I'm loagy and exhausted. I was supposed to have an interview this afternoon, but it got cancelled, THANK GOD, because I would probably have fallen asleep during it.

I ate chicken soup for dinner... and I'm trying to lay low... but damn. I don't want to be sick over the weekend, but I'm just... too... tired... to do... anything.

Maybe I'll just take a nice half a xanax and go to bed...

There's always next weekend. And I have to be in prime form for then...

Oh lord.


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