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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dear Everyone:

I'm on hiatus, as I trek up to the Frozen, Frozen tundras of outside-the-Beltway Land, to hang around my house that is going to have most of the furniture removed so all the new wood for the floors can "season" before being laid.


I'm also going to my 10-year High School Reunion, which is pretty sweet, because I'm not fat anymore.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, one and all, and I'll see you when I get back!

(Or sooner, if I'm super-bored in Pleasantville/The Columbubble/Tree-City USA, 1988/Mini-van Driving "Hey, We Just Got A Trader Joe's!" 1980s Colonial/Contemporary Home-filled Cafetorium-Schooled Rouse-visioned/Stupid-Street-Named Columbia... In twelve hours, I'll be on the BW Parkway-to-Route 100-to-29-to-Little Patuxent-Parkway-to-Governor Warfield-Parkway-to-Little-Patuxent-Parkway-to-Dark-Fire-Way-to-Bright-Passage!)

Hooray for Thanksgiving!

Hooray for Home!

Hooray for smoked turkey!



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