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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michy's Fried Chicken Night.

There's a trend I'm noticing.

Restaurants I eat at lately... suck.

I ate at the Cardozo on Sunday night... Don't. Get. Me. Started.

I'll blog about it at Eat It, Miami. Colin gave me permission to guest host. I also want to state for the record that I kicked his ass at "Find The Differences In the Naked Pictures of Chicks Game" at B&BJ last Friday...

but I digress.

Tonight, Liza, Noah, and I went for $33 Fried Chicken at Michy's. Wait till Joe's re-opens on October 15.

Michy's deal is: it's Watermelon-Feta Salad, and unlimited Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, Gravy and Biscuits. And then for dessert you get a Red Velvet Cupcake.

What I'm going to write pains me: It wasn't great. And it wasn't unlimited.

Let's start with the boring good parts: The Watermelon Feta Salad was tasty, the copious fried on the chicken was magical, as were the biscuits. The waiter was finger-lickin' hot. Short and scruffy... rrrrow!

Now the bad:

Unlimited sides, my Grandma Fanny. You get a petite side of coleslaw, a ramekin of chicken gravy, and two biscuits. That's. It. Ask for more, and they go all Mr. Bumble on your Oliver Twist. (I don't know that actually... I was too scared to ask for more, as detailed below...)

When they're feeling guilty for serving you raw chicken, they may toss a couple more biscuits on the next round of chicken.

No refills of gravy. No refills of coleslaw.

The chicken initially comes on two heaping platters. It's a lot of food...when you don't send it back.

(You get one refill of chicken, thereafter, it seems).

The first round of chicken had these fantastic boneless breast pieces! Yay!

They were raw inside. Boo.

The waiter tried to tell us it was because it was "free-range chicken."

I stuck my finger on the raw part and proclaimed, "It's a cold center."

I guess the new direction chicken is going in, is to serve it blood rare.

After we finally convinced the waiter that no chicken is supposed to be reddish-pink and translucent inside, when cooked, he took the chicken away.

Back went the original round of chicken (back in the fryer...and be returned to our table... yes... the same pieces.)

And it came out cooked!

And then we ate it. And it was good. But it was less chicken than we returned.

And then we ordered more chicken.

Which also came out rare.

At which point, we gave up and ate the crust off of the raw pieces, and called it a day.

Also, the Waiter had basically disappeared at this point.

He lost interest. We didn't want another bottle of wine. We didn't want coffee, and we kept pointing out to him that the food was raw.


Bill for three people after tip and tax? $206



Blogger Rootietoot said...

good grief. and raw chicken is NOT like raw tuna...it's nasty and gross.

I don't think we've ever paid $200 for a dinner before. I used to wince at the $75 bill (that included wine) at City Limits.

I tell you what, I'll feed you all the fried chicken you can eat for $50, and it will be cooked and the best you've ever had. Plus a huge bowl of slaw.

5:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just dangerous.

Pains me to read this as I love Michys.

Was the place full?

6:12 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

RT - I agree. But I think I've had it up to my eyeballs in fried chicken for a while. :) But I don't doubt that your chicken would be the best, evah.

Anon - The place was packed. And I didn't want to have to write it, because I, also, love Michy's. This is the first questionable experience I've had there. Otherwise, it's always been wonderful.

But twice with raw chicken?

It was sort of unacceptable.

6:50 AM

Anonymous lauren said...

Totally unacceptable and turns me off of the place...and that my friend, means that i respect your opinion... :)

7:55 AM

Anonymous miaexile said...

Has Michy's enduring fame come to an easily predicted end?
And what about Naomi?
Thank you for the heads-up - was trying to convince the bf to give it a whirl but this review seals the deal.

9:56 AM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

ohhh...Photo Hunt! Sounds like that was the best part! I am so amazing at that game.

However, darling, eating raw chicken is a GREAT way to lose weight! It's almost as good as anorexia!

10:29 AM

Blogger Maria de los Angeles said...

OMG! $33 for fried chicken is just wrong, plain wrong, even if that chicken laid golden eggs.

10:39 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

L - It shouldn't turn you off to Michy's period... just chicken night! :) And it makes me happy that you respect my opinion, friendling.

Miaexile - I seriously wouldn't recommend wasting the time and money on it. But I really DO like Michelle Bernstein, and I don't want this place to fail... but screwing up fried chicken seems... hard. I feel like it's like pizza and sex: even if it's bad, it's good. Except when it's raw. Hi-OH!

Adrie: I thought of you while playing Photohunt. I know it's your fave game! And I'm not going to lie... I was sort of hoping for some salmonella today. All these burgers and fried chicken make me... I'm getting zaftig.

Manola - I know. :) I saw your post about it earlier, and thought of you while I was there. It was... not... worth... it. Next time, I'll heed your advice, but sometimes we have to make our own mistakes!: )

11:05 AM

Anonymous JB said...

I was down there with my family last weekend and we went to Michy's. It was my first time since it wasn't open when I moved away. I thought it was great, but I did not try the fried chicken (although I was intrigued). Between the group of us we tried the white gazpacho, watermelon salad, ceviche, sweetbreads, duck confit, short ribs, cod, and the steak. I enjoyed everything, although I thought the duck was a little on the dry side......but the Baked Alaska totally made up for that. I could have eaten the whole thing myself I think. I guess it was a good thing that no one went with the chicken!

8:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For fried chicken, go to Bojangle's, not a fancy restaurant run by celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein!! Shame on you for thinking that she could pull off such a simple meal! At Bojangle's, the whole meal would have been $30 and you could have gotten some 40s to go with it!

8:17 AM


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