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Sunday, April 04, 2010


I went to Michy's for brunch today. As usual, Ms. Bernstein and I had a moment, as she was putting out the chocolate-toffe matzah. Every time I'm here, we somehow manage to lock eyes and exchange a "Hello, how are you?"

I'm usually always too star-struck to say anything else to her, and today was no exception, so instead of thanking her for opening on Easter (even though she's a Jew, and for us all Easter means is PASTEL BRUNCH!), or making some sort of witty charcuterie joke, I lowered my eyes and went back to scooping sopresatta and marcona almonds onto my plate, and shuffled back to my table.

God. I'm awkward sometimes. Usually always.

After Danya and I finished our Bellinis and chocolate orange french toast with artisanal sausage (the sausage was...blah; gimmie Denny's/IHOP gross sausage any day!) and the rest of the delicious Michy's brunch spread (a really good deal at $48.00) I went to the Beach.

I recommend you skip the beach for the next couple of weeks it's Man o' War season. The waterline was a patchwork of little blue, sting-y bubbles.

Then I went to Liza's pool, which was lovely. Then I strolled Lincoln with my friend Rob and his baby. We went into the Britto "Gallery" because the baby was overheating, and it was air conditioned.

Romero was in the back. I saw him. While throwing up a little bit in my mouth, I restrained myself from tackling his frizzy orange head to the ground and pummeling him, while screaming, "THIS IS FOR WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO ART!"

Then I made Chinese food. And now I'm writing a blog.

All in all, I got in a full weekend today, which is good, because I spent yesterday in bed after a particularly aggressive night at the Abbey. Note to self: Do not spend more than two hours at the Abbey. And do not go there after sucking down two martinis at the Raleigh. You know better, self. You know better.

/end Weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SupaB-I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! You are a hilarious MESS!! I was directed here after watching an old CSI episode about a Dade Mutual Bank that doesn't exist. You then started your rants about the real MIA looking nothing like the fictionalized one. After reading 1 blog, you had me. Hook, line and sinker! Being a NY'er(the Boogie down Bronx)who considered moving to MIA-your blogs are hilarious. Having recently had back surgery and still rehabbing, I went back and read the past 2 years! There were times I thought I might die from laughing. Can't wait to keep reading your rants and raves. Still considering the big move to Miami mayb Dec/Jan? Still on the fence. Keep me laughing!!!!!!!

9:05 PM

Anonymous AdvisorGirl said...

re: Britto BeatDown...

Oh. My. God.

Listen SPRB - next time - go with your gut and I will post your bail.


7:55 AM


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