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Sunday, January 22, 2012


If you're one of us "bright young things," (and if you're one of the "I make +100K plus per year" set), then I highly recommend you check out "Foxhole" which is behind Barton G where the old "Loading Zone" used to be.

Yes, you, too, can party where once LeatherBears came on the floor.

I'm not kidding.

The atmosphere has changed (not that I ever went to the Loading Zone, regrettably), and the crowd is one I literally haven't seen since we used to flood "The Angelic Brewing Company" in Madison, WI, when we all had a set of freshly minted fake IDs from South Dakota (that ID was never, but NEVER confiscated). But I don't say that in a derogatory manner - stepping into Foxhole is like stepping into a slightly-better Purdy Lounge / whatever that club used to be that was on 36th street, 7 years ago (SoHo Lounge!). It's awesome.

Their drinks are strong, their music is late 80s, and their crowd is needy Jewesses, regretting stupid, bitchy decisions into their manicured nails.

It's a fun time. You'll run into people you know there...and even if you don't, you'll meet people you don't give three shits about there, where you'll all knock a couple back and then end up at... the Deuce. And then La Sandwicherie.

Bottom line? The people drinking are pretty and affluent. The bar staff is attentive enough to justify the auto-gratuity. The space is huge, and the music is what they play at Sports Club LA, during a dance-lab session. If you go there four consecutive weekends, you're almost certain to know everyone hovering at the bar...so it's only natural that you'd thereafter move to the upper decks. (There's an upper deck.)

South Beach, we've found ourselves a higher-class Purdy -- you can now bankrupt yourself and ruin your liver -- but it'll be slightly more conspicuous and slightly more embarrassing when it happens -- but you'll be able to "black-shirt" yourself into the JAPpiest den of drunken debauchery since the Astor went out of style.


Blogger Colin said...

Yeah, I thought maybe you'd posted this to Eat It by accident.

9:25 AM

Blogger Kathy's Corner said...

Dear Superbee:

I recently moved to South Florida and when I got down here I was looking for a blog very much like yours where I get to live vicariously the whole Miami experience, the restaurants, the clubs, the traffic jams, encounters with people in your daily travels and also the fact that you have over the years shared stories from your own life which gives your blog depth and heart. So, thank you and may you continiue blogging for many years to come.

I was wondering since you write about food, any thoughts about Paula Dean and the recent revelation that she has diabetes. I wish her well. There ia a debate going on considering the comfort food she cooks about whether she should have told the public sooner or is it no one's business but Paula's? Would love to hear your thoughts should you care to write something on your blog.

7:11 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

Thanks, Kathy! My position on Paula Deen is that she's a person with a job, but she's also a person, who's entitled to privacy with respect to her health. I think it's no one's business but Paula's, and I don't think she should be taking flack for the way she manages her own health -- that's her business, not ours.

Everyone knows that the food she cooks isn't healthy, but in moderation, it's fine. Her food is also cultural. Southern food, all American food, really, is generally high in calories, fats and carbs, because when we were developing a culinary history, we were an agrarian society, and had to replace all the calories we burned chopping wood and plowing the fields.

But it's not 100 years ago, and that most of the food we regularly eat isn't all that great for us (maybe I'm just speaking for myself) because we don't work on farms, or require a high-caloric intake every day to balance out the calories we've expended laboring.

Still. Paula's a charming lady, and just because I enjoy watching her make fried chicken and coconut cakes, doesn't mean I have to go and make and eat those things. I'm responsible for what I eat -- she's not.

So my position is she's entitled to do whatever she wants because it's her life, it's her heatlh, and she's made a successful career out of cooking food that people want (not have) to eat. She's not forcing us to eat butter-laden mashed potatoes and fried green tomatoes. She's giving us the choice to eat them, and us asking her to change what she does, or giving her flack because of her high-calorie, high-fat recipes, because we can't be held responsible for our own actions seems a bit unfair.

There are plenty of cookbooks and cooking shows out there that advocate low-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber cooking. Maybe they're not as entertaining, and maybe their hosts aren't as huggable, but at the end of the day, Paula Deen is a TV star, and not my mom. I'm a big boy. She's a big girl. We're both responsible for our own lives and our own health.

8:36 AM

Blogger My Corner said...

Thanks Superbee for your response. I agree. Paula has said in fact that her food was never meant to be eaten on a daily basis but rather as a treat once and awhile or for the Holidays.

I have a weight problem but its not due to Paula or takeout or any other reason except that I need to learn to do things in moderation which hopefully I am getting better at.

12:20 PM


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