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Monday, July 17, 2006


Money Magazine has come out with its list of Top Ten Places to live in America.

Coming in at a very respectable #4, is my HOMETOWN, the Columbubbl... I mean, COLUMBIA MARYLAND!!!

For Money Magazine's Lauding of my cookie-cutter, white bread, Pleasant-ville town, see here.


Blogger Mike said...

Suck it, Montgomery County. It's all right there on the Internet, and is thus 100% fact.

I think we could have scored higher, except that the mall has expanded so much, it's a nightmare to go there anymore.

Also, we didn't really have a chance at beating Sugar Land. Who could? It's called SUGAR LAND.

12:45 PM

Blogger Rootietoot said...

White bread's great when you have 4 kids. I can't see living there if I were single tho. I keep thinking Manhattan would be the place. Or San Francisco.

2:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my family lives in columbia and they like it (and i like to visit). a friend of mine lives in sugar land (a suburb of houston) and i went to see her in april. sugar land is awesome. a lot like columbia, just with a bigger feel and more singles/young people. i mean, the sugar land starbucks is like a freakin' club. it's open 24 hours, is huge, plays club type music instead of serene coffeehouse music and is always packed with students. i think the rankings are acurate. the only thing i question is why ft. collins is numero uno...

3:36 PM

Blogger Vanessa said...

I'd just like to give a shout-out to Fairfield, CT, coming in strong at lucky #9. Woohoo! Watch your ass Columbia.

4:29 PM

Anonymous Kamil Walji said...

as the aforementioned commentors have indicated, you, my dear jay, can SUCK IT!

i am sugar land, born and raised, and we kicked your ASS!


3:36 PM

Anonymous Adrienne said...

Born at Columbia General and raised in the Ho Co, I can honestly say, what's so great about Columbia? I loved the Columbia Mall when it was a white-trash disaster zone with the ugly brown cobblestone floors and Chef Paolino and the "little eatery" vs. the "big eatery". Jer, you know, you worked at the "little eatery". It had a charm about it back in those days.

Now, the mall looks like Towson Town Center and there are designer stores everywhere. The little eatery is now a Bang & Olufson. There are enough Jews in Columbia now, that we could pretty much be called "The Planned Community Pikesville". Where did the diversity go? Did all the non-white, non-Jews move to DC or up-and-coming Federal Hill? What the hell? Do I need to go to Chatham Mall for my fill of white trashiocity? Apparently however, Chatham (in Ellicott City) is right up there in being "so desireable". Neighborhoods like The Chase and Farside are in Ellicott City, so I guess that's what put EC on the map.

Columbia is seriously lacking in so many ways (part of the reason I got the hell out). There are barely any restaurants open late. The bar scene is an abomination to alcoholics such as myself. The best part about Columbia/Ellicott City is that on Thursday nights at the Ellicott City Brewery, there is $1 crab nights in the Summertime. Oh, and I really like Envy Salon too! Other than that and my parents swimming pool, what did Columbia ever give me? Besides Superbee, of course!

9:58 AM

Blogger SuperBee said...

To Kamil: YOU Suck it, bitch.

To Adrienne: Yes. I worked in the "little eatery." Although, you have it all wrong, Adrienne... Bang & Olufson is: "Greek Delite", "Boardwalk Fries" and "China Express" and Forever 21 is "Bassett's Original Turkey" (holla!), "The Taco Maker," "Chef Paolino" (he was sort of attractive, I had a crush on him in that big fat pizzaman kind of way) and then the big homosexual deli whose name now escapes me, but they had to wear those fagtastic vests.

I do miss the "old" mall, when there were the Bartlett Pear trees out front that used to be crusted with white lights at Christmas time...

12:19 PM

Blogger The Hero of the Day said...

I work at the Cheffy P (that opened about two years ago) in Catonsville (730 Frederick Avenue). He is amazing to work with.

8:50 AM


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