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Monday, August 21, 2006

Shitting the Bed. Part II


Who foggily rolled in to the office this morning, to be confronted with the fact that he had been pleasantly avoiding all weekend - that he had an evidentiary hearing on Attorney's Fees and Costs, and had to defend a 57.105 action against his firm on Tuesday?

This guy!

And guess who had Taco Bell last night for a late-nite dinner?

This guy!

And who has been writing opening statements and closing arguments, and rallying exhibits and stuff all day, while trying not to explode Taco Bell all over the inside of his Gap Boxers?

This guy!

And who's resenting his boss for not telling him that HE was handling the entire direct examinations and presentation of evidence, until Monday morning, when he could have been working all weekend, but instead has spent the entire day preparing for this hearing?

This guy!


Who found the magic case that he can use to blow a hole through that bitch opposing counsel's retarded argument for 57.105? This guy! Ever heard of a "reverse frivilous 57.105 motion?" Me neither. Until today!

Wish me luck. My brain isn't exactly in top "litigator" form, so... we'll see how tomorrow goes. Should be ... interesting. Especially since I'm performing in front of the two lawyers I work with and defending my boss's reputation.

No pressure or anything.




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