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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Free Miami Treat


Home of lots to do if you don't live here. The longer you live here, the boringer it gets. I guess I could do interesting things, but I have expensive taste, not exactly commeasurate with my salary (Note to Boss: I've been there a year. Is it time for a raise yet? Oh, sure I'm comfortable, but if you could just give me a slight bump so all those $2,000 suits I'm oggling wouldn't be such a paycheck hit, that would be much appreciated.) so going Jet-Skiing every weekend...not an option.


Know what I really enjoy doing when I'm driving to South Beach to spend hundreds of dollars on a night out? It's a small pleasure. They say the best things in life are free, afterall...

If you drive in the right lane on the MacArthur Causeway, almost on the white line that you're not supposed to cross unless you want to fly off the shoulder, over the jersey wall, and into Government Cut, you'll be rewarded.

Know why? The pavement RIPPLES for the last third of the MacArthur... and when you drive over the ripples, your car bounces like you're on a speedboat cutting over wake! Obviously, the faster you go, the better the ripples. 70 is an optimum speed.

I used to speed down the MacArthur in the left lane, so I wouldn't have to cut over for the Alton Road flyover... no more! Now I speed down the right lanes, so I get a little "road wave" action.

Try it next time you're going to the beach. You've really been missing out all these years...


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