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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jessica Eats Matzah

Jessica loves Matzah and Butter.

So did my Grandma. :) Proof that Jessica enjoys the same foods that the generation born in 1920 enjoyed. ;)

Do you also enjoy ketchup in cottage cheese, Jess? : P Or Russian Dressing?

MMMMM! Yummy! (sick.)

Thank you for the correction. I thought it looked wrong, but didn't feel like going to Dictionary.com. I learned something.

Lauren Y enjoys Mushroom Risotto. She also enjoys shoutouts, and almost being run-over by my car on West Avenue. There you go, Lauren M-Y. You have another shoutout. Commence wetting yourself with joy.


Blogger Jessica said...

Ewww, shuttup. I would NEVER eat that. My grandfather put ketchup in everything (even tomato soup... riiight, doesn't make sense even years later), but not me! I use it sparingly. With fries. And burgers. GOD! ;-)

2:27 PM


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