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Thursday, October 12, 2006


While venting to my dear friend Lauren today I said to her, "I'd even let you cheesepaw my head. I found what I'm going to tell myself are blonde hairs this morning. I'm going blonde. Blonde. Blonde." (I need to have someone comb through my hair and tell me what's up. Julie?)

Lauren shot me this insightful email:

"Subject: A new version of duck duck goose...

Blonde. Blonde. Blonde. Grey. Sigh."

Sigh indeed.


Anonymous Adrienne said...

I found one a few months ago...my first. I cried (while driving). Then, I decided to save it to show my mom, so I put in under my GPS. Then, I got a car wash and forgot about it. It got thrown away. My mom said she didn't need to see my gray hair..that she had plenty of her own.

Dye your hair. You're gay...it's more socially acceptable!

12:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, darling, I will comb through and search for grays... We will deal with the crisis when it is confirmed.

8:45 AM


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